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    Petrol Prices

  2. neil

    Bug To Report

    Thanks guys but admittedly it's pretty low down my priority list - sorry
  3. neil

    Site Downtime

    Planned downtime 28-29/07/2005 23:00-03:00 Folks, tomorrow night in the early hours of the morning there will be some maintenance on this server. The machine will need rebooted once and there is also a new hardware firewall being put in place. Although there is a 4hr slot allocatated, the server will likely be offline for approx 15mins during this time. Most of you will likely be asleep but just so you know Thanks Neil
  4. neil

    Site Downtime

    Apologies but the datacentre was having problems and it's taken most of the day for them to sort it. Hopefully all is now resolved.
  5. neil

    Trigger Shoe And Handstop

    Hey, that's what I use ... each to their own
  6. neil

    Site Downtime

    Sorry for this morning's downtime folks - Two of our clients were running an old (vulnerable) version of the software MovableType on the server which was exploited bringing the server down.
  7. neil

    Scope Stand

    Ok Sparks you funding the titanium stand I've looked around have seen some smaller stands but they lack adjustments. I think Chris' aluminium stand may be the one - anyone have a second hand one for sale
  8. neil

    Scope Stand

    Currently I have the 'baby' Tucker scope stand but the leg is away to break off. It's been 'bonded' but it is only going to last so long, plus there is not really enough ground clearance when shooting on uneven firing points. I'm after either the bigger version of the Tucker stand or similar. Let me know if you have one or know someone who has - I'd appreciate it. Many thanks Neil
  9. neil

    Top 10 Posters

    Changed to Guru
  10. neil

    Top 10 Posters

    LOL, That's because you've posted over a 1000 and almost as much as me
  11. neil

    500th Member ??

    I was thinking about free hosting for a year I'm just glad things are starting to take off.
  12. neil

    Scope Stand

    Ok, I'm now after a lightweight but stong/well-balanced scope stand. The Opticron stand actually looks ok but I'm sure I could get a lot lighter. Currently got the Kowa TS-1 and would possibly consider a lightweight scope too but needs to have a nice sharp image. Open to suggestions people... especially first hand recommendations Thanks
  13. neil

    Site Downtime

    We cannot put up with our current providers unreliability and we are currently sorting out a new data provider, so please bare with us over the next few days. Thanks Neil
  14. neil

    Site Downtime

    Paul, I wouldn't say very low cost, nor would I say its at the other end of the scale. I've worked in conjunction with some big companies providing services to even bigger clients and sometimes there are things that are just outwith your control, regardless of SLA's
  15. neil

    Site Downtime

    The problems this evening were caused by a compromised server with a significant connection to our network providers’ main network. This compromised server was used to perform a massive DoS (denial of service) attack. We can only apologise for this inconvenience and hope that the owners of the server in question secure it down for the future.
  16. neil

    Site Downtime

    Sorry for the disruption to yesterday's service folks but some nice people decided to attack Level 3 (one of the backbone providers for our servers) with a DoS attack, rendering the data connection the internet useless. To stop this attack affecting all users the feed for Level3 has been pulled until they have the attack under control. This attack is now only affecting clients who's ISP's are coming in over the Level3 network. We hope Level3 will have the situation under control shortly and we will be able to reconnect the feed and resume normal services, again we can only apologise for the disruption this attack has caused to our services, including the forum
  17. neil

    Admin Away

    Well it's competition time again This time Melbourne from 28th Feb until 22nd March. I may or may not have the odd chance to access the 'net when away but I appreciate your patience while I am away and I will sort any issues when I'm back.
  18. neil

    10000 Posts

    Thanks to all who have contributed to the forum over the past couple of years and it's now starting to slowly but surely be used on a daily basis, and seems to be proving useful for many - the purpose it was setup
  19. neil

    10000 Posts

    Me But it was a trip to Melbourne
  20. neil

    Server Time

    Bob, This has been asked several times before... if you look at few posts above your own you will see a 'Sticky' post that describes the process http://forum.stirton.com/index.php?showtopic=97 Cheers Neil
  21. neil

    Mind Your Language

    That'll be the word filter kicking in then
  22. neil

    Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    Yeah, I really should moderate these threads Oh wait, that's why I have moderators
  23. neil

    2013 Tube

    Grrrr, is that where I went wrong
  24. neil

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  25. neil

    Merry Christmas

    Thank you David