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  1. A bargain for a pistol shooter £950.00 including the ammo
  2. Just outside Witney in West Oxfordshire and posting the scope and the small tripod is not a problem. The large tripod would be more difficult. I bought the scope and small tripod new in 2018 and they have had little use, the large tripod works fine but is much older. the scope is angled
  3. Vortex Razor 11-33x50 scope with case. This is a high quality scope and for detail you can Goggle reviews. It is in as new condition and a Vanguard low level tripod and Vibron standard tripod are included. £349.00
  4. You need a FAC with a slot for a long barrel pistol to buy this firearm it comes with a custom built case and the original Morini and NSRA paperwork and instructions. A Morini medium adjustable wrap around anatomical grip. The electronic trigger has the factory fitted spring 22-160g and two other springs 5-22g and 160-900 are included along with the Morini tools and cleaning rods. Included is the ammunition, 500 Eley Match Pistol and 450 Eley Match Slow Pistol £1250-00
  5. Is the grip for the LP50 the same as the grip for an LP 10? Please. Stuart
  6. Hi Tom i thought of you when AJP asked if anyone knew of a free pistol for sale as I knew your work commitments made it difficult for you to get time on the range. Though it needed the need a new extractor, when I handled the pistol and raised it on aim it felt really good. The balance, the sight picture, the custom made grip, trigger, it all came together beautifully. Are you really sure you want to sell it? When lockdown ends it would be great meet up and shoot free pistol together. Stuart
  7. Hi AJP They are rarely on the market and Morini no longer make the pistol for the U.K spec with the rods at the back. I bought mine off the sales section on the Police Sports Shooting Association web site. I have seen SAM, Pardini and Morini free pistols advertised on there in the past but they are not on there for long. Besides myself I know personally only three other free pistol shooters, three of us own Morini and the other a Pardini. The Pardini had to have a new extracted claw fitted, it had fired 1,000x? rounds and was by far the oldest pistol in the group, l don’t know of any other problems with free pistols. Where are you based, when lockdown is over and if you can get to Oxfordshire you can try mine.
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