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  1. I have a standard Anschutz foresight and a selection of elements available if that's any use
  2. robertm16


    I have a set of Knobloch glasses available if they are of interest to you
  3. Do you still have the stand for sale?

  4. Hi ... No scope available but I have an old style Tucker heavyweight stand available if you are interested - very stable stand for indoor or outdoor
  5. Hi .... I have a pair of Knobloch glasses - not adjustable arms but may suit you better than the Varga ones - I can measure the arm length if required - contact me for more details
  6. Did you manage to get one? I have a Finnmat available, waterproof but quite heavy so postage might be expnsive - let me know if you are interested
  7. As others have said it looks a bit like a Freeland - unfortunately I don't have a Jensen handstop but I have a Freeland if you are interested.
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