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  1. apologies i haven't been on for a while i only have the Mat for sale now. And I'm guessing to send that via post wouldn't be that cheap. Many thanks.
  2. Have a red ESE shooting mat Please contact me via my email - ben4787@me.com. I will take offers on both and am located in the Andover area. Many thanks, Ben.
  3. Sorry for late reply been busy and away due to work have messaged back respectively.
  4. Sorry this is sold and ask if this post can be deleted as I can't seem to find the delete button.
  5. Pm me your email and il send them over
  6. It is metal, with a storage bit for the rifle and then under that bit is places for sights and butts ect.
  7. Hello I have already had a message about the sight asking for pictures. I will send to you both and then it will a case of who offers me first as I'm not looking to start a bidding war. Thanks.
  8. All of the kit here other than the rifle is 2-3 months old so has not seen too much use. I can take pictures of the items if you wish and there maybe more to add but need to dig it all out and see. Anschutz 1913 super match in a precise stock £1500 (awaiting payment) Centra score foresight 18 x 3.6 with anti glare tube £40 Mec centra sling £110 Mec handstop £60 Brand new centra spy rear sight (long) £310 Brand new tiny iris £105 Kurt Thune jacket size 54 2 months old £180 Red ESE shooting mat. £60 Kurt Thune shooting glove Large £30 Rifle case £40 Walther bag on wheels £60
  9. Here I have a small and older version of the Anschutz sight. Not too sure on the model but can send pictures. Had someone offer me £50 for it on Bisley week but turned it down as I needed it. Now my centra spy is here I'm willing to sell it again. So again I would take £50 for it. Thanks ben.
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