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  1. Thank you Paul. I'll do that. Cheers, Mike
  2. Hi, Yep, I was at Hut 60 on Saturday morning. I am bit gutted it hasn't worked out. I hadn't appreciated that the US do not have the weight limit that the NRA have put in place. Not to worry!! Sorry, I am keeping the adaptor as this can itself be adapted to fit my new stock. I shoot an R3 in an XRS stock for small-bore so, am getting another XRS for FB. A friend of mine uses this set up and it works very well. Best wishes.
  3. I have an Anschutz Precise stock, which takes a 20 series action, in black and fitted with a TEC HRO cheek piece, for sale. The stock is in excellent condition and the asking price is £1,400. I will cover delivery costs within this price. I have had it a year and used it about 6-7 times. I used the stock for full-bore target rifle and am extremely happy with it. However, with the barrel and action fitted I breach the 6.5kg weight limit for FB rifles. So, reluctantly, I need to sell this stock. If anyone is interest, please contact me either on here or via my mobile 07715 880 630. With thanks, Mike
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