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  1. Hammerli 480 in pristine condition. Fixed cylinder. Supplied with original Hammerli pressure gauge and filling adapter. Fired approximately 200 pellets, 20 shots today: 148 m/s, max deviation +-3 m/s. Please be aware, whilst this fixed cylinder is not stamped with a manufacturer date, this pistol was manufactured in 1994. Idea for a Hammerli or target pistol collector. £400. Collect from Bisley.
  2. Message sent to take to email. I'll update this advert if a sale goes through. Likewise, thanks for the vouch David L.
  3. Morini CM84e UK specification .22lr longarm pistol. This UK specification pistol has shot approximately 5,000 rounds. It can be supplied either: - without grip £950 - with grip (customised to right hand/left eye: size medium – large) £1050 Buyer has a choice of lightened fore-end frontsight holder or Morini factory compensator. UK FAC holder or UK dealer to collect from Bisley either mid-week or weekend.
  4. Morini 162 LONG replacement air pistol barrel. This barrel was removed from a brand new Morini 162EI long and a short barrel installed by pony club shooter for shortest sight base possible. . ** SOLD ** £90 - for the barrel only, complete with barrel seals.
  5. Pault

    Ways Of The Rifle

    I have an absolutely brand new pristine copy of "Ways of the Rifle" March 2005 2nd Print Edition in English It has two ISBN numbers. On the inside 3-00-009478-4 and on the back of the book ISBN 3-98-097461-8. ** This book was updated in 2009. I don't know how extensive this edit / update was **
  6. It will be 7 years in September. The "4" denoted machine 4 of 4 in their Tenex/Match production line.
  7. Updated to show price and velocity with image.
  8. Steyr Grips for LP1/10/5/50 Right Hand Size Large NEW and unused Grip is Morini branded and was supplied with a new Steyr pistol. £95 plus postage or buyer collects from Bisley. Grip modification can be completed post sale on a time and materials basis.
  9. Steyr Grips for LP1/10/5/50 Right Hand Size: Medium NEW and unused £95 plus postage or buyer collects from Bisley. Steyr branded supplied with a new Steyr pistol. Grip modification can be completed post sale on a time and materials basis. [edit: one sold, one medium remaining]
  10. 2050 rounds of Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS 41 unopened boxes all batch UJ4197 - speed 1051. £338 - Buyer collects with their FAC from Bisley Camp (weekday or weekend).
  11. Pault

    Site Speed

    Excellent, well done Neil. XP IE6, Vista IE7 and Windows 2008 server IE8 beta all over some very congested Demon Internet ADSL line.
  12. Hi Neil, on a client site at moment, had to attempt logon several times before success, very intermittent. On a 100MB uncontended to backbone (yes it costs them a packet!) and on Windows 2003 R2 server with IE7. No firewall on server and no proxy straight out on port 80 through Cisco routers and combination of CheckPoint and Juniper firewall clusters. Will catch-up on all my emails later. I know you sent me a few. Cheers Paul
  13. Using Windows 2000 IE 6 , XP & Vista IE7 kit plus Linux with various, no issues at all. Some connections are via a corporate security/proxy server and again, no issues. If only the same could be said of BA and Terminal 5, not that the self-loading cargo got to see any of T5 on return Sunday due to localised snow at London Heathrow as we had to rebook onto London City airport without the snow....!
  14. Apologies, I have been in meetings. The bundle of three is under offer. Regards Paul
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