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  1. Hi Christopher,

    I'm afraid you just missed the stand, I accepted an offer for it last night. The scope is still available, if you'd like to make an offer for it

  2. Would it be possible to make an offer for the Andrew Tucker stand with an angled scope?
  3. Could I ask about the torque wrench, the cleaning equipment and the “miscellaneous accessories”?! What model is the wrench, what have you got in your cleaning equipment and what myriad of things are included in the latter?!
  4. Looking for a gun safe that will fit two rifles (an Anschutz wearing Gemini clothes and a Musgrave 7.62) with a top locker for ammo. Probably easier to collect so London/Home Counties would be easiest!
  5. Received the bipod quickly and in excellent condition, thanks Peter.
  6. PM sent. May I suggest uploading the file in a PDF or .doc format?
  7. Looking to buy a stock for a Musgrave that's not the standard stock. Adjustable cheek piece and buttplate preferable!
  8. I use this website to resize photos for websites, you can specify the file size you want during editing, http://www.picresize.com/
  9. Any idea how much they would go second hand? I saw a purple FR703 (latest model) at Bisley last year, complete with buttplate, for a grand. That's a cracking deal, but should be able to get the whole thing with buttplate for well under £1500 I should think.
  10. The Gemini stock has a very similar profile if you struggle to find a 2213 (the wide fore end being shared between the two)
  11. Hi everyone, Looking for a yellow Gehmann push on colour ring, image below. If anyone has bought the set and uses a different colour, or if they're lying around after just trying them out, I would happily make you an offer for the yellow disk. My one doesn't fit on my new iris having been stretched by my old iris. Cheers, Chris
  12. Looking to buy a Centra Level I (the type with the bubble on top, not inside the foresight tunnel) in m22 size. PM me if you have one lying around!
  13. 5 "ESE Rail Swing Swivel & Handstop Combined" Handstops for sale. The 5 together are being sold for £70 together, or £15 individually if you don't have 5 rifles...! ​Located in Edinburgh, happy to post or take to the Scottish meeting if required. Payment by bank transfer or cheque.
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