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  1. Moving over to benchrest so a few bits to move on , centra mec handstop. Sold centra duplex, lens hood and 2 inserts. £95 centra duo SOLD gehmann 565. SOLD anshutz torque wrench. SOLD sight sets. SOLD If you want pics of other items please message with an email address. ALL PRICES INCLUDE POST. regards phil
  2. Rifle sold, many thanks for those that enquired and offered advice.
  3. Thanks for that , i’ll bear it in mind. One of the chaps i shoot fclass with is a very keen 300m shooter. Much as i enjoy shooting in a jacket and sling , i’ve never been any good and fclass has become my firm favourite, but if time permits and there’s space on the day i might well give it a go. atb phil
  4. Well it turned out when i shot the rifle that it still was’nt right. So the plug in bottom of handgrip was drilled out to reveal a skinny 100mm wood screw which is the factory reinforcement to the stock. Took it out and stock broke clean in two very easily. So it was drilled out and an 8mm stud epoxied in. All line up nicely, but a very obvious glue line around the break. Short of refinishing the whole stock little to be done about it. Shot it today at 600 yards on century, did so very nicely , considering its been some time since i’d put a jacket and sling on and being rather chilly. Recoil impulse felt solid. Once weather warms up a bit i’ll get it back out for a proper go. If anyone is interested , drop me a line and i’ll email a few pics across.
  5. Good evening, yes, had it looked at, decided not to break the stock completely, instead its had a pillar bedded in to replace the previous insert. Rifles all back together, and all seems fine ,just need to get a day at bisley to check it out and get a reasonable number of rounds through it.
  6. Evening all took the rifle out this evening to take some photos in response to an enquiry and there is evidence of a crack and slight movement in the “wrist”. As such i’ll withdraw the rifle from sale until i’ve had it looked at and seen what options are available in respect of a repair.
  7. Just read through the comments above. i have used it with a scope , i used a set of tierone dovetail rings on the rifle as it is. the rifle comes as shown in the picture, ie includes the anschutz sights and mirage band. the magazine holds 10 rounds i handload and currently shoot 105 berger hybrids with n140 at around 2800 fps..
  8. Good day all, apologies for slow response have been shooting the imperial fopen. Another pic showing the magazine and well, as above not a rifle suited for serious fclass. Its a beautifully made piece of kit, much as i enjoy shooting iron sights its just not getting used enough , a brocken arm and slow shoulder rehab has added to time issues. If anyone would like any more detail or pictures, let me have an email address and i’ll send some through. all the best phil
  9. Bleiker 6mm br cism, please see photos, round count 350, fclass has become my discipline of choice and this gets used too rarely. Please message for specific info or more pics. £1900 bank transfer or cash on collection
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