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  1. Hi Sarah We have one for sale in Blairgowrie if your interested? Callum
  2. Does anybody have a spare 'Sear' for our clubs MKII BSA Target Rifle? I may be contacted on 0773 558 562 or email Callumscotts@aol.com Thanks Callum
  3. Hi, Is the Target Changer still for sale? it maybe that our Club would be interested in buying it. If you wish, you can email me at : Callumscotts@aol.com Thanks Callum
  4. Blairgowrie

    Target Rifle

    I am looking for a Small-Bore Anschutz R/H Target Rifle. Such as an 1813 or above. Preferably Central Scotland Area, but I will consider other areas if the price is right. Details can be sent to: Callum Scotts@aol.com
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