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    SOLD: Anschutz 1913

  2. neversweat

    Complete setup for sale Anschutz 2007/2013 .22RF

    Sorry forgot to check the "Notify me of replies"
  3. neversweat

    Complete setup for sale Anschutz 2007/2013 .22RF

    Hi, Can you send me pictures of the items please. I'm interested in the scopes and stand, and my friend at our club is interested in the rifle. Thanks
  4. neversweat

    SCATT for sale (USB type)

    Now sold
  5. neversweat

    SCATT for sale (USB type)

    I'm having a clearout and I haven't used my SCATT in over 12 months so it needs to go to someone else who can benefit. Currently on Ebay with a low reserve. So have a look and place a bid if your interested. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SCATT-shooting-training-system/232575069420?hash=item36268decec:g:qQAAAOSwc~laGc0J
  6. neversweat

    SCATT for sale (USB type)

    Hi Dave Not sure about those codes, but if you mean the code on the front of the manual it is a USB type. I have only used this on my .22 Anchutz target rifle, It should fit a pistol, just clamps to the underside of the barrel in the same way. I found this picture on the internet which may show how its fitted ( I did a search for USB SCATT on a pistol, and looked at the images)
  7. Hi, can you let us know the internal sizes please Thanks
  8. neversweat

    Haring Electronic Target System For Sale

    HI Nick Can you tell me what the reserve is on his listing, Thanks Andy
  9. neversweat

    Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    PM sent
  10. neversweat

    Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    You say 22mm, so it take a 22 insert? as I need a 22 forsight on my extension tube, my old one only take an 18mm insert, and I found it most usefull when changing distance from 50 to 100 Thanks Andy
  11. neversweat

    Sold - Anschutz 1913 Alu, Cased With Accessories & Test Group

    Hi, I've been prone shooting for a couple of years and it's now time to get my own rifle. Chris showed me your rifle for sale, is it still for sale?
  12. Thanks for getting back to me, just bought a new rear sight this month so have to be careful on the spend. If you still have it in a couple of weeks (post pay day!) i'll get back to you if that's OK. All the best Andy
  13. Hi Sarah, not sure how much to pay, but will you take £30 for the Centra Front sight duo-vario? Thanks Andy
  14. neversweat

    For Sale: Mec/centra Duplex

    Hi Spuishy, What size are the three inserts? Can you post pictures of all items please? thanks Andy