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  1. ClarkXCVI

    4751 Handstop

    If anybody has an Anschutz 4751 handstop lying about that is surplus to requirements I would like to buy one.
  2. As per the title. If anybody has one lying around in good condition that is surplus to requirements please let me know! Dan
  3. Hi Jamie, I've emailed you regarding the Gemini buttplates. Dan
  4. Anschutz 6805 10 click rearsight for sale - £150
  5. Anschutz 1413 Buttplate complete with carrier £80 ono Anschutz 1413 Buttplate no carrier or hook £50 ono PM me if interested, more photos available on request. Postage can also be added.
  6. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Accessory-Rail-for-Anschutz-Target-Rifle-Shooting-/181296411026?nav=SEARCH
  7. Does anybody have a copy of this book lying around that they would be willing to part with?
  8. The current jacket I have is a Euro 50 I think, so 40" chest sounds better. Based in the north east but willing to pay postage.
  9. ClarkXCVI

    Shooting Jacket

    Looking for a size 50 shooting jacket for prone to last me until I can afford a made to measure. My last one is in a state of disrepair! Anything will be considered, thanks in advance
  10. ClarkXCVI

    Bisley Caravan

    Does anybody have, or know of someone that does have a caravan at Bisley that they would be able to rent out over the Fullbore imperial meeting? Looking to stay there from roughly the 1st-20th of July. Price largely negotiable. Thanks in advance.
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