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  1. 1198neo

    Anschutz 1903

    Hi all, I'm after an Anschutz 1903 or equivalent for a small student. Cheers Neo
  2. 1198neo

    Spotting Scope

    Whats the optical clarity like? Ive got a TS1 but straight and really need an angled version. cheers Neo
  3. 1198neo

    Barry Nesom 12" Extension Tube

    Hi Gary, I'm rather confused by the sale of this item and the hi-jacking of my purchase by another. I sent you a PM and we agreed on a price for me to buy the extension tube and asked for you to contact me via email so I can arrange payment via Paypal. As yet I have not had an email from you. Email to my mind is a far more secure method of exchanging personal information than this forum, unless you send me your contact details, I can't reply with my address for you to post the item to. regards Neo
  4. 1198neo

    Vostok .22 Target Rifles Wanted

    Hi Charles, no email from you has arrived cheers Neo
  5. 1198neo

    Barry Nesom 12" Extension Tube

    Yes please. Pm sent Cheers Neo
  6. 1198neo

    For Sale: Rifle Case.

    pm sent neo
  7. 1198neo

    Vostok .22 Target Rifles Wanted

    Hi, I'm after Vostok .22 target rifles for a novice college club. Please pm me if you can help? Cheers Neo
  8. 1198neo

    Swarovski Ze-B 618 Acoustic Sight

    I'm looking for a Swarovski ZE-B 618 acoustic sight for target shooting for the visually impaired or blind. No, don't laugh, these sights do exist. Please pm me if you have or know of one to help me out. Cheers Neo
  9. 1198neo

    Gehmann 1.5X Magnifying Diopter 503-09

    Pm sent Cheers Neo
  10. 1198neo

    F Class Bipod

    I've got one now. Thanks for looking Neo
  11. 1198neo

    F Class Bipod

    I'm after a Henry Rempel or Third Eye Tactical bipod Thanks for looking Neo
  12. 1198neo

    Various Items For Sale

    I'd like the hammershark barrel extension please. Pm sent Cheers Neo
  13. Deal done. Money transferred. Please send to my address. Email sent. Thanks Neo
  14. 1198neo

    Tec-Hro Integral Palm Shelf (For Sale)

    Hi, Arrived safely in the post this afternoon. Thanks Neo