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  1. TCat001

    Bits And Bobs

    Hello - is the flexi adjuster still available?
  2. TCat001

    Carrier Plate For Aktiv Butt Plate

    Thanks Tim - I will get in touch with him. R, Tony
  3. TCat001

    Carrier Plate For Aktiv Butt Plate

    Anyone got any ideas where I might be able to buy this part new to go with the rest of the butt plate?
  4. TCat001

    Carrier Plate For Aktiv Butt Plate

    I recently purchased a Butt Hook but the carrier plate was not included - does anyone have a spare floating around that they would be willing to part with? R, Tony
  5. Hi I'm relatively new to this sport and looking to experiment with foresight element sizes. If anyone leaving the sport has a selection you would like to sell then please let me know. 4.5 up to 5.5. R, Tony
  6. TCat001

    Wanted - Full Bore Target Rifle

    Here's hoping
  7. TCat001

    Wanted - Full Bore Target Rifle

    Thanks again guys - lots of very good and useful advice - but still no one has come forward with a rifle
  8. TCat001

    Wanted - Full Bore Target Rifle

    Thanks for the advice guys - I don't know much about the full bore scene so I will try to find out from him what he prefers. Would appreciate it if you can keep 'your ears to the ground' and let me know if anything pops up. R, To y
  9. TCat001

    Wanted - Full Bore Target Rifle

    My son has just made selection for the GB U19 Full Bore Target Rifle Team. He has been using a rifle owned by the Air Cadets. I think his efforts and dedication deserve reward and I am therefore looking for a decent rifle for him to own in order for him to take his sport to the next level. Does anyone have, or know of anyone who might be looking to part with a rifle to suit this purpose? R, Tony
  10. TCat001

    Scope Stand

    Hi All, I'm looking for a decent scope stand - so anyone upgrading or retiring from the sport who has a stand they no longer need please keep me in mind. Hoping to land something decent. R, Tony
  11. TCat001

    Kneeling Roll Wanted

    There is one on Ebay right now.
  12. TCat001

    Armadillo 4760 Butt Hook And Plate

    Hi, Anyone got one of these that they no longer need? R, Tony
  13. TCat001

    Butt Plate

    Yes - it is the swivel aspect I need to get the butt sitting more comfortably in my shoulder.
  14. TCat001

    Butt Plate

    Hi - I just need the hook - the plate I have is the first one you mentioned.
  15. TCat001

    Butt Plate

    Hi Everyone, Anyone got a decent Butt Hook for an Anschutz 1813 - I have the standard but it just does not have the flexibility in adjustment I need - particularly swivel Left to right! Anyone got something decent gathering dust I may be interested. R, Tony