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  1. Sorry about the omission. I would prefer to sell all together but if no takers then I will separate. I would like £600.00 for all items. Obviously FAC holder.


    Also included is a roll up HSF ground sheet, unused

  2. Anschutz 1413 .22 target rifle

    1 set standard Anschutz iron sights - rear and forsights

    1 set Gerhmann D75 iron sights - rear and forsights (Eagle eye?)

    1 foresight level

    2 Rubber rearsight cups

    Hawke Vantage SF 6-24x44 rifle scope in protective box


    Promax #1511 plastic rifle case

    Monard shooting jacket size 44- 46 chest

    extras inc.

    Block for rounds

    Peltor ear defenders

    Left hand shooting glove (exposed fingertips) medium mens

    HPS shooting cap

    Toweling forehead headbands

    .22 cleaning rod & all cleaning equipment/solvents & other bits and bats, large holdall/bag etc.

  3. I don't want to use the bipod as a steady whilst shooting, just as a stand when cleaning the rifle especially the sights area. I have only just got back into smallbore shooting after about 40 years. I am having problems getting comfortable whilst in a prone shooting position but that's due to my age, lack of practice and not being used to the tackle - single point sling, borrowed jacket etc. I realise that these are only excuses and IT WILL get easier with practice. My coach gave me some exercises last night - stretching of the back and making the neck more supple. Thank You for the explanation of the 'Free-floating barrel', I didn't realise it made that much difference.

  4. Many Thanks to all the replies. I wanted to use a bipod for stability in cleaning and setting sights, plus I am a bit lairry(Yorkshire dialect for being concerned!) of putting the rifle down, sights up or down on the firing point. I hope to get a Anschutz type bipod in the near future, regarding the swivels, they come with a suitable bolt.


    Leviticus 49

  5. Thanks for the replies. Is the bolt in a 'Anshutz' bipod captive or can it be removed completely. If it can, problem solved, I was given a few threaded sling swivels last week. I didn't fancy the idea of buying something new and then having to butcher it to make it fit.