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  1. Items for all positions & events. ALL items will also include a P&P charge based upon Royal Mail Parcel Price Calculator Any questions or more photos please PM me! Located Newcastle/Most of the A1/M1 services/ Bisley/Oxfordshire depending on the day of the month. (links are to pictures) Geheman Shooting boots size 9. Edges have been cut off to comply with ISSF rules. £40 link 2 Blue Boot Stretchers £15 - will sell with boots for £50 Kurt Thune Shooting Jacket TL2 size 46 £50 link 2 link 3 link 4 Air Rifle Pellets (approx 2500 - 5 tins) These are left over tines that I have combined from the last few years.Theres 3 x Match Kugeln (H&N) and 2 x Finale Match (H&N). I was going to throw them but someone may want them for training/plinking £15 Feinwerkbau barrel weights £10 (not officially). These are the end pieces that attach to the barrel of a P70 and can double up as barrel weights. Feingwerkbau air cylinder air release FREE……..I have 2 of these Foldable ruler (for marking feet positions during standing) FREE Small Handstop £10 Andchutz rearsight - BROKEN FOR PARTS/SPARES. Combined with another broken set could possibly make a full sights £10 Glare tube £3 Rear sight aperture £3 Anschutz wooden stock trigger guard FREE Anschutz spirit level BROKEN - needs replacement spirit level bubble £25 Anschutz kneeling roll £5 Centra adjustable foresight M18 2.8-4.8 £35 High End M22 3.9/1.0 £12 link 2 High End M22 3.9/1.2 £12 link 2 High End M22 4.5/1.4 £12 link 2 A strange tool FREE 13 Alan keys - various sizes FREE M22 elements 2 x 4.0 £2 M18 elements 3.5 3.7 3.8 £2 Hard rifle case 3/4 clips working FREE link 2 Soft Rifle case (zip on last legs) FREE
  2. Looking to buy a MEC hook for my MEC butt plate. let me know if you have one and don't require its services, Ill buy it off you. cheers.
  3. Im after a fairly decent amount of ammo as I have quite a bit of training to do. Unwanted TenX, Match, centre X or R50 in moderate quantities (i.e not half a box, 500ish), then PM and we can sort something out cheers
  4. Double gun box, been lying around for too long needs to be used. Scratches and sticker marks here and there. One of the locks has broken off but the other three are still working. £20. Ill be at bisley Thursday this week to Wednesday PM if interested. Picture in the links below https://www.dropbox.com/sc/jyg7dik2574axm7/AADQ8QzZ6bc3oJqs_LfoSl9ma
  5. Looking for a cheek piece to attach to my already possessed carrier plate. No time or access otherwise id make my own..
  6. New or second hand, Tech Hro Stativ Stand stand wanted.
  7. Kurt Thune TL2 Jacket - £80 + postage Used this jacket for 4 years before upgrading to a suit. Been hung up, and had no use for 12 months. Pen marks (in photo) inside on the left and general wear and tear 4 years has caused but structurally still got a lot of shooting in it. I am a chest size 35inch/90cm and I can fit it on easily wearing 2 layers. Plenty of space for button movement too. Could possibly fit 37inch maybe more with button adjustment. Size in jacket is 42 - which according to edinkillies kurt thune sizing chart is: Chest 97cm/38inch Waist 79/31 Hips 101/39 Sleeve length 66/26 Jacket length 72/28 Height 163/5'3 Any Questions or more photos get in touch. Location Oxford/Newcastle
  8. 10.9ninja

    Mec Stock For Sale

    hi is this still for sale?
  9. 1907 Anschutz Barrel and Action (no trigger blade) - SOLD P70 Feinwerkbau Air Rifle Barrel and Action. - Open to Offers Used this until the stock cracked 4 years ago then upgraded to a p700. Barrel and action been sitting in a cabinet ever since. I do have a cylinder but its dated 1998, I do not recommend using it but including it if you wish to get it professionally tested and approved. As this hasn't been used for some time I would also recommend a service. (A lot of parts are being sold separately, happy to discuss a combination, e.g sights/barrel weights/tunnel) https://www.dropbox.com/sc/hkamca21x7tgcgg/AADdDGFmD7HKl8immUa6050Ma Feinwerkbau Air Rifle Barrel Weights - set of 2 - £15 for both https://www.dropbox.com/sc/mnz49m3pc7d9z29/AABwuh6OaHYWvC2HCxOr5wOia 3.2 orange M18 element - £3 https://www.dropbox.com/sc/e5lotem45zu456f/AABxFWlJEngA9OvI9sUKS4T6a 4.0 clear M22 element - £3 https://www.dropbox.com/sc/9ggpmwjrenyzmyo/AABiiuH04r8Tovaoee-2ogAza 4.5/1.5 High End M22 element - £10 (RRP £18) https://www.dropbox.com/sc/x1zrzbhgq4d8gb6/AAAHlTfKEaYU6_osfRXAERMja Handstop (Anschutz slim) -£15 (RRP £30) https://www.dropbox.com/sc/u8s7fxf9guuj9jz/AAAfqimIpFZP-0HQR9StHLMaa Handstop & Ball attachment - £20 https://www.dropbox.com/sc/ug3imxm4c4h3lc3/AADHDh_EODpZNMbfcUvaApTRa Anschutz Glare tube - £10 https://www.dropbox.com/sc/p0nfkycujx1oo4t/AADc0snFZn7nCD5xOFdCu-Lza Feinwerkbau (x2) & Anschutz (x1) standard iris - £8 each https://www.dropbox.com/sc/c4p219sv0eixn6y/AAD6M5AcuBGc6Jk52bQoJhCJa Feinwerkbau Foresight Tunnel M22 - SOLD Anschutz 6805 Rear Sight - £110 (RRP£190) Perfect working order - wear and tear all over, distance scratches on one side as pictured https://www.dropbox.com/sc/1ortu1p7okovx2i/AAAST-Z-iQu-fhC__ltYfkCZa Feinwerkbau air tank emptier screw £5 https://www.dropbox.com/sc/rworuth2yeqdf8x/AABEoFfKgt1F-IJvw4sfwiLMa Andchutz wooden stock butt plate bracket - SOLD https://www.dropbox.com/sc/0wsnzqxtsyqeuq5/AABg5--Ip9uh1mpEPTgxQubKa Centra Tracker Sight Blocks - £50 (RRP £80) https://www.dropbox.com/sc/7ohf7l7wr5frzld/AABt5CF3pWVTLKZ0OoYFPzJUa Anschutz Spirit Level - NO BUBBLE £45 https://www.dropbox.com/sc/sv743v4dvsjdfzg/AADB9ShbU9rwsVz2fEU9wx7ka Anschutz Kneeling Roll - £10 https://www.dropbox.com/sc/8er528mlv0kwusp/AADreX6P-qSUJL6GUKAcE9sSa Please any questions PM me Postage and Packaging will be what ever the royal mail website says it it regarding its weight. Based in Oxfordshire with regards to the barrel and actions.
  10. 10.9ninja

    Cheek Piece

    Been on the hunt for a while now for a .22 cheek piece. Open to whats available as I have the stock rods, just needs the actual cheek piece to attach them to for a anschutz 2013 stock thanks
  11. So I have an alu anschutz 2213 stock (not the precise) and Im looking for a carrier plate for a butt plate. Looking for the rods and the first plate that attaches to them (attached picture) If there happens to be a mec butt plate attached to the rest of it then Id be interested in that too. cheers.
  12. So made a list of the things I desperately need before I end up buying something shiny. Im after a 3rd butt plate for my anschutz 2013 stock. Looking to get a mec free position. and also a 2nd cheek piece for my 2013 so looking for the carrier and all.
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