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  1. HWN1011

    Mec Screws

    Hi Chris Just contact MEC they are really helpful guys. Will be less hassle than trying to find one or 2 bolts locally. Henry
  2. HWN1011

    Bore Guide / Cleaning Rod Guide

  3. HWN1011


    Matt has already offered all the info he has which is great and will be a big help when reloading. Seems like a great guy. I will be joining the GB300m club so hopefully lots of people with lots of info to share. http://www.gb300m.com/
  4. HWN1011


    Most definitely NOT!!! :-) I have seen the price of off the shelf ammo.
  5. HWN1011


    Hahaha all sorted. Happy Christmas me :-)
  6. HWN1011

    Walther Kk200 Hand Grip (Small)

    Thanks for the offer I think we have had a change of plan as per the above post though. Henry
  7. HWN1011

    Walther Kk200 Hand Grip (Small)

    Hi Michelle The grip is actually for Zara's rifle. I had a look at it yesterday and I don't think a smaller grip will help because it's the shape of the grip that looks to be the problem. So even with a smaller grip it will still be the same shape. We will either modify the current grip and then mould to suit her hand or like you say make a new one from scratch. Henry
  8. HWN1011

    Walther Kk200 Hand Grip (Small)

    Hi Mac Thanks for the reply. Does that mean the LG300 grips also fit the KK200?? Thanks Henry
  9. HWN1011

    Walther Kk200 Hand Grip (Small)

    Looking for a Walther KK200 hand grip size small. Rifle currently has a large grip and would be happy to do an exchange for a small grip or buy if anyone has one for sale. May consider a medium grip if nothing else turns up. Thanks Henry
  10. HWN1011

    Shooting Stands For Sale

    Does anyone have contact details for Andrew he doesn't seem to be on here much?? Thanks
  11. HWN1011

    Parts For Anschutz Match 54 Bolt

    Hi Chris Tim is correct with the second part of his post it's just really a cover. I am struggling to think why it would stop the bolt working. I have never tried it but I don't see why the bolt wouldn't work fine with out this collar so try that first. H
  12. HWN1011

    Wanted - 6 Yard Rifle Targets

    I bought only 20 from NSRA Bisley last time I ordered. They will sell you however many you want.
  13. HWN1011

    Anschutz 1813 Bedding Screws

    I was never able to find any at the beginning of the year on the internet. Ended up cutting the threads off some caps heads and rethreading M6x0.75 on a lathe. You should be able to get a machine shop to do them for around £15. Also manged to find the disc spring washers but they were a little over £1each so a set was around £20.
  14. HWN1011

    Anschutz 5018 Trigger

    I hadn't thought of that. I'll also ask an engineer friend if he could make a new lever. 300 Euros is rather cheaper than the £290 I was quoted by a UK dealer, even allowing for post from Germany. Tim if your friend can't help PM or email me a photo of broken part because I have an engineering friend that can make anything :-)
  15. HWN1011

    Anschutz 5071 Trigger - Please Please Please!

    Wow thought you had sorted this out with Surrey Guns. Sorry to hear it's still going on, you have much more patience than me. One to add to the avoid list. Maybe worth sending a PM to Michelle Smith she knows them well.