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  1. vc21

    Heavyweight Shooting Mat

    Looking for a waterproof shooting mat with gripped front end. Thank you
  2. In search of my first shooting mat- anything that does the job but preferrably with the grippy bit at the front and XS glove for the left hand. Also, a long shot but if anyone has a small shooting jacket (164 to be exact) then message me with photos! Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know whether this is still available or have contact details for Rudd? I've messaged him but had no reply. Thank you
  4. vc21

    Various Bits

    Can I have the Tucker adjuster depending on whether jonty is wanting it please? Thanks
  5. vc21

    Glove- Xs/s

    Hi, I am posting for a friend. I was wondering whether anyone has a cheap glove in either XS/S. Not too bothered about brand/ fingers. Just needs to be cheap. Thanks