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  1. I've got a Medium 'Morini ' grip for a steyr if it's any good to you?
  2. Will this fit onto a Morini air pistol does anyone know?
  3. Yes that's fine. I'm in no rush to get rid of it so come back to me if you need another grip. -Nick-
  4. I have a Medium grip for an LP5 if that is any good and you are still looking? It's a Morini made grip, and nearly 'as new' condition. -Nick-
  5. Hello! Would you sell the targets on their own? I don't really need a target holder as I only shoot at a club. I live in Nottingham so would also require postage..... Regards. -Nick-
  6. I am very interested in buying this. Could you please email me your phone number to discuss. Omgservices@live.co.uk thanks.
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