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  1. PM in box was full - got the messenger ones - others if you couldn't send? - try now i emptied it! James thanks for the offer of kit.
  2. Hitchphil

    FWB P70

    This one - there is a risk a post becomes a bidding war but why not? I dont get the rationale for a fixed price unless its to limit posts asking toing & froing? many people come into kit they have no idea on value (deceased effects, club junk, kids forgotten or obsolete stuff). so getting a reasonable view of value then selling to me is a normal things to do. There is no commercial interest, no confidentiality no business being undermined, so why not? E.g a Uni has a Diana Model 10 vgc, original box manual tools etc, they dont use it but they need funds - whats it worth?
  3. Hitchphil

    FWB P70

    This rule inhibits people obtaining realistic values of kit. I dont see whats wrong with asking for guidance or a valuation? The result of not being able to do this might be those adverts that value a 30 year old worn out rifle at 3x its real value & the generally high value people attribute to shooting stuff more based on what they paid for it vs its actual material or functional value. Small-bore is particularly affected by this, e.g. my Anschutz stock might have been worth £1200 new, £500 now? but in reality its a £10 bit of really shitty poor quality aluminium alloy casting. I see knackered old Match 54s advertised at £500 or more when i have never paid more than about £200 & have furnished 3 clubs, scouts & a uni with them. There is a parasite on ebay advertising a Tucker 1" tube for £120! (are you on here? hang your head in shame) .... ps - I have 3 if anyone wants one! Unrealistic values of 2nd hand kit, inhibit youngsters entering the sport with basic kit, learning to enjoy the sport & actually learn to shoot before entering the arms race of expensive gadgets that many believe SBR has become. The sport is in serious decline, many clubs age profiles are 55+ Is this partly why?
  4. Brunel Uni RC have interest from over 250 students in shooting from their freshers fair! after 2 years of no activity thats a fantastic result. Over the last 2-3 years the kit has denuded, lost, broken & they are missing some bits - can anyone help? - cheap or donations or bits to fix or ID where to get them cheap etc : 20 guns socks (a bulk order) - all the rifles had surface rust after 2y in store. Quick detach sling loops (42mm) for those ESE hand stops - 4 off. ESE slings or similar. Gloves - any. Bipods - the simple black ones that lock in the rail, not fold up. Scops stands or bits of them to make ones that work....... 22 cleaning kit - jags, points, brushes & patches. Spare parts for Rhom twinmaster pneumatic air pistols. Older stroke pneumatic air rifles or 177 break back air rifles. (student proof ones). A Walther hand stop sling loop. - famously different from all the rest! Simple adjustable rear sight irises for their competition guns. Odd 22 ammo - leftovers, ends of box/batch, abandoned etc for freshers to shoot off. Can anyone help? if so please message me or contact me I'm on FB, shooting forums etc. There are other Uni clubs & possibly near you - after 2 years of generating no shooters their current club members were 1st years when lockdown prevented them from learning to shoot! they need help to survive & regroup - if you can spare time coaching, helping, supervising, fixing kit then they need it & now especially this year. In the last 4 years we lost - Reading, Glasgow, Coventry & Uni London uni shooting clubs. Others are struggling to reestablish so if you love this sport now is the time to help!
  5. post a picture of the fitting face?
  6. i have a Left Handed Anshutz grip if it can be fitted?
  7. 'L' - does that not normally signify Left Handed action?
  8. .......... you better not be giving up TR or there will be trouble when you drag your sorry arse in the Surrey next
  9. BSA Mk3 True Left Hand Rifle, with LH vernier sights for sale by Club - £200 + case. (or hard case +£30). Our local range access closed so we are divesting of target rifles to buy gallery rifles that can be used at Bisley. It's the middle rifle of the 3 in the picture. The other two are also for sale but to unis only & are being considered £250 each - complete with sights etc This is a very good gun, shoots well & is in vgc. Can be sent RFD at buyers cost or collected Bisley or poss meet on a business trip? (i am regular to S wales & Lancs), Unis can obtain via RFD network for the price of a pint.
  10. Shame, the Unique was excellent I looked up the bore & it was very good, the true LH Ghemann rearsight was worth 50% the cost of the gun alone.
  11. Hitchphil

    Forum Blocked

    I am advising that if you use TalkTalk Home-safe service then this forum is blocked under the section 'weapons & violence' - you can express your dismay here : concerns@talktalkplc.com Home safe was applied on my account by mistake it blocked the site but not 'the fullbore forum nor gunstar!
  12. Hitchphil

    7.62 Swing

    a 12/28" would be a good long range gun, & a 13/30" a good all range :-) & the stock sounds interesting :-) Border haven't made barrels for ~3-4 years i think so the pedigree of it would be good to know. I have a member tres interested so Hi its for a mate - pictures will probably convince them to sell; the wife, motorbike or other gun ...............am indeed down then & can have a look, why dont you come to the NRA 100 Sunday afternoon 29th - 4 & 10 prone, standing & kneeling at 300yds with it :-) £24 & any ammo............. even mixed types standing is fine! (I have RCO/SSC/NRA..etc). am shooting my Anschutz 22 at 300 & 400 yds Sat pm so will wander over after say hello. Re bolt bit early Mk 3 the bolt retaining lug is a plug on a leaf spring, later & Mk 4 a round piston in a block - its the thing u pull out to get the bolt out of it....... rest of the description sounds good, am trying to build a minds eye picture - thumb-hole or pistol grip Walther?
  13. Hitchphil

    7.62 Swing

    Hi do you have some pics & does it have an adjustable foresight?, front rear irises? a vented TR stock? also what type of bolt retaining lug the block or spring version? also if a new barrel the make / length / twist & who fitted it? Many thanks Phil
  14. I have a LH precise stock, rear-sight, & std ambidextrous duo foresight etc If you find a workable LH match 45/round action................
  15. Get the 308 first ;-) they are much much much harder to find. See HPS website for one, I have looked at this gun its got a very good bore, it is a Swing 5 -Paramount 1 (yes it has both makes engraved on it). You can buy a LH 22 almost any time (there are 2 on gunstar now) & any day of the week if new, but a LH 308 TR is a rare beast . I have a LH Precise stock vgc but no action or barrel, I have a LH rear-sight & spare duo foresight so if you get an action & barrel you are ready to go with in effect a new gun. See Beds target supplies for (reasonably?) priced barrels & actions.
  16. yes. about 4 of them .................
  17. Plastic Hard Cases - £5 each, good for sights, tools & 'shooting bits' all proceeds go to Scout Shooting. Can be collected Bisley, by network or or PP extra at ~£3 or at cost. Have ~30 can bundle them. Foam in one side. PM me to buy. Also on Facebay.
  18. LEFT HANDED Jacket, Trousers & Boots £160 + PP at cost. Location Hitchin but can be delivered to Cardiff or Bisley Size 34-38 buttoned Canvas & suede leather trim 3P shooting jacket. Size 34-38 waist shooting trousers (Left or Right handed.) Size 38 (Uk 6-7?) shooting boots Blue Black leather. All have passed equipment control NSRA JI etc 2015 & have those tags. Advertised on FacbayBisley & similar.
  19. I have one of them for sale but not the sling loop .............................
  20. Great with mine you can become left handed too...............?
  21. will check shed later this week & see what length i have but i think I got ones with a 30mm un-threaded shank & threaded that, so poss cant do 42mm.
  22. Belleville washers ensure the end load of the screw is transmitted as compression of the stock to the action. A solid bush wont, some of the torque load is lost compressing the bush & then as friction under the head of the screw. Belleville washers slide over each other to translate more of the applied torque into axial load. They also help distribute load over a wider area & accommodate some expansion of wood with temperature / moisture. They are there for good reason.
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