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  1. bunduki_mik

    Left Handed Prone Shooting Equipment

    All items now SOLD Thanks
  2. bunduki_mik

    Left Handed Prone Shooting Equipment

    Price dropped to £150 for quick sale.
  3. bunduki_mik

    Left Handed Prone Shooting Equipment

    All of this is still for sale. I am willing to split the items up and/or accept reasonable offers. If you know any left handers that are starting in the sport, please pass this info on to them
  4. bunduki_mik

    Left Handed Prone Shooting Equipment

    I am selling all of the items listed below as one full package. This would be great for beginners and even for the slightly more experienced shooters. All of the items are LEFT HANDED - (where applicable) I have put links next to each item to the Edinkillie website for information on the products and sizing information. Please forgive me if this is not allowed on the forum. Kurt Thune Prone 600 Jacket - Product Information Size 54 - sizing information chest-109 waist-95 hips-110 sleeve-72 jacket-81 height-185 (The jacket also comes with all the bits that came with it, a manual, spare button and KT stickers.) Kurt Thune Sling Model 2 - Product Information Kurt Thune Solid Glove (short fingers) - Product Information Size XL - sizing information Anschutz ammo box - Product Information The box I'm selling is the same model but in the brownish/reddish colour. I have also put a Kenyan flag sticker and a Kurt Thune Sticker on the box. Sauer Button Buddy - Product Information Centra/Mec Safety Plug - Product Information for .22LR I would like around £300 for the whole lot including delivery within mainland UK. I have had all of these items for just over one year and I have rarely used them. I've shot prone less than 3 dozen times with this kit so it's all in excellent shape. It is all really good kit with great adjustment ranges and the adjustments are easy to make and reference points are easy to keep. It is all around £450 to £460 in total when bought brand new, so this really is a bargain! I would like this all to go to someone who really needs it, that's the reason I'm selling it at such a low price. I would have liked the same sort of thing when I was looking for kit as a beginner moving away from club kit, so I hope someone else can benefit from this Before you get in touch, please make sure you check the measurements of the equipment against your own measurements. I live in Finchley in North London if anyone interested would like to collect/view the items before buying. I will take payment through Paypal.