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  1. Jo Nuckley

    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    Thanks for the advise guys Robin, When do you guys next meet at Bisley? It'd be good to come down and have a chat with some of the shooters and i already know Richard Fowke (who shoots at Andover with me). When i started .22, i rushed out to get the kit which eventually was all replaced for higher end kit to meet ISSF rules etc, hence my hesitation in making a quick purchase as i just want to buy everything! Would i need to be an NRA member to join GB300m? It would be good to chat to people about reloading etc and maybe even f class kit if anyone shoots it. Thanks for the advise and hopefully catch you down Bisley sometime
  2. Jo Nuckley

    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    Hi Artiglio, I have just had a 6mm slot put on my certificate and i'm looking to expand out into F class and 300m. Can you send me the details of the rifle and accessories so that i can chat with my friend who shoots 300m to see if the kit would be right for me? Thanks, Jo
  3. Jo Nuckley

    For Sale: System Gemini Adjustable Standing Block

    sob sob...i didn't even get to try it! lol. You know of anyone else selling one sam?
  4. Jo Nuckley

    1913 + Gemini Ultra Stock

    SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.
  5. Jo Nuckley

    1913 + Gemini Ultra Stock

    I'm looking for a Gemini stock and my exchange for my mec mark 1 rotation 1 stock if you are interested?
  6. I am reluctantly selling my mec stock complete with free position butt plate and hook for £1100. It is blue and well loved with very minor scratching on the trigger guard. Unfortunately I apparently have short arms so am having to replace. It will come with a spare brand new central block for the buttplate. http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/mec-smallbore-rifle-stock-mk-1-rotation-i-p-1074.html?cPath=83 Only 6 months old. email - Jnuckley@yahoo.co.uk Jo