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    Left Handed Rink Grips For Sale.

    Message sent enquiring about Steyr EVO grip.
  2. dprees

    Wanted: Steyr Lp5

    Now my son has my LP5 practically full-time -- anyone have one for sale? Prefer CO2, but will go for pneumatic too...
  3. dprees

    Wanted: Steyr Lp5

    I want an LP5 for my son. Prefer the CO2 model. PM if you have one surplus to requirements. David.
  4. Looking for a Steyr LP2 or LP2 compact (might consider an LP10 compact or LP50 compact), preferably with left hand grip, though could be tempted by a R/H gun at the right price. Send me a PM if you have something you are not using much any more. Based in Central Scotland. David
  5. dprees

    Wanted: Steyr Lp5

    Still looking...
  6. My wife and son would like to try air pistol, but I'm a lefty, and my Steyr only has a large L/H grip. Would rather not pay top dollar for a new one, since they may not continue with it beyond the initial attempts. So something cheapish would suit; any condition considered. If you have one that might suit, or know of one, please PM me. David.
  7. dprees

    Wanted: Smallish R/h Grip For Steyr Lp5 Air Pistol

    I've bought one from Nick, in theory for my wife, but my son likes it too. If/when we buy another (2nd-hand?) Steyr air pistol, I may chase you up for this one. David.
  8. dprees

    Wanted: Smallish R/h Grip For Steyr Lp5 Air Pistol

    Nick, I'll take this, please. Please PM me with payment details. David.
  9. dprees

    Wanted: Smallish R/h Grip For Steyr Lp5 Air Pistol

    Fierynick and Nick, Apologies for not seeing your posts until today. I actually sourced a Medium R/H Steyr grip for my son a month or so ago. I might want to buy a Small grip as well for my wife, so I will keep that option in mind -- but she is shooting something else right now, and I don't know if she'll wish to use both. David.
  10. Paul, If you are sure these grips will fit a Steyr LP5, I'll take the Morini Medium right-handed grip, please. Send me a PM about your preferred method of payment, and I'll send funds, and my address. David.
  11. dprees

    Lapua Midas + Ammunition For Sale

    SOLD. I'm grateful to everyone for their interest.
  12. A while back, whilst still searching for a 2nd-hand left-handed target rifle, I bought a batch of 1,000 rounds of Lapua Midas+ ammunition in anticipation of getting the rifle. Unfortunately I didn't find one, and my interest turned to Free Pistol, amongst other things. I prefer to use Eley Match Pistol in my SAM 60, because of the slightly reduced recoil from the lower velocity. Hence I've got 930 rounds of Midas + I've got little use for. I'd be happy to sell it on to someone who can make better use of it. I'm asking £150 for the 930 rounds. Face to face, with FAC, of course. I'm based in Scotland, in the Central belt, but might be able to meet up around the country. I will be driving down to Bisley via the M74/M6/M42/M40 over the forthcoming May bank holiday weekend (22 to 25 May 2015), if that is of any use to anyone. David. PS. To conform with the rules of this forum, I'd prefer cash as payment method.
  13. dprees

    Lapua Midas + Ammunition For Sale

    Sold, subject to the usual...
  14. I foolishly sold my Anschutz 1813L to a school, a few years back, when I stopped shooting .22 target rifle. Now I'd like to get back into the sport, and need something similar, or newer. Sadly, my local club does not have anything left-handed I can use until I find my own rifle, so my need is urgent! I have an FAC, with a slot open for a single shot .22, and am happy to travel if necessary to pick up the right rifle. Does anyone have something suitable they wish to sell, or know anyone who does? David. EDIT: Gave up looking a while back. Thanks to all who offered advice.
  15. dprees

    Yet Another Leftie In Need Of A Rifle...

    Still looking...
  16. dprees

    Powder For Sale

    Continuing my clear-out: 1 LB HODGDON H110 (MAGNUM PISTOL) POWDER, UNOPENED £29 0.69 KG (open tub) VIHTAVUORI N133 (RIFLE) POWDER £35 1 KG VIHTAVUORI N140 (RIFLE) POWDER, UNOPENED £65 0.48 KG (open tub) VIHTAVUORI N150 (RIFLE) POWDER £25 0.9 KG (open tub) VIHTAVUORI N540 (RIFLE) POWDER £54 1 KG VIHTAVUORI N550 (RIFLE) POWDER, UNOPENED £65 0.55 KG (open tub) VIHTAVUORI N550 (RIFLE) POWDER £30 Posting smokeless powder is problematic, but we may be abe to arrange a meeting; PM me if interested. Prices are negotiable, depending on the cost of meeting up.. David.
  17. dprees

    .308 Bullet Heads For Sale

    I have some .308 calibre bullet heads surplus to my requirements: SOLD 500 (tub) SIERRA 155gr MATCHKING PALMA HPBT BULLET HEADS, WATER-STAINED, £60 RESERVED 83 (open box) SIERRA 175gr MATCHKING .308 HPBT BULLET HEADS £25 81 (open box) LAPUA 185gr SCENAR .308 HPBT BULLET HEADS £25 Postage at cost. Prices are negotiable! David.
  18. Preferably LARGE, but can work with a MEDIUM grip. Have acquired a SAM 60 with R/H grip, and sadly, I'm a leftie. Could be a SAM grip, or one from the aftermarket manufacturers -- or even a recommendation for someone who can make one for me. David. PS. Gave up and bought a Rink LH grip. Good, but pricy!
  19. dprees

    Feinworkbau C20 Target Air Pistol

    Pistol has been sold, but optional accessory Bowler L/H grip still available. Fits FWB C10, C20 and C25 air pistols.
  20. I have a Feinwerkbau C20 target air pistol I rarely use now. I've been saving this one in case my son wanted to take up Air Pistol shooting, but it seems it is not to be. The pistol uses CO2 as a propellant, not air, since this model predates the switch to air. No conversion kit is available so far as I know, so make sure you have a source of clean CO2 available. I rent a cylinder from BOS. The pistol is fitted with the standard right-hand grip, with adjustable palm rest; comes with both gas cylinders and the tools to charge them; both a small and large (fitted) front sight blade, and three weights (each different) to change the balance of the pistol if desired. The instruction books are also provided. The pistol comes in its original box. I bought the pistol 2nd-hand from Bedford Target Supplies, many years ago, as a spare (I was heavily into competitive Air Pistol at that time). I've not used it very much, and though I'm now back into AP, I use another pistol (I shoot both single and five-shot comps, so it makes sense to just use my LP5 for both). I'm asking £300 for the pistol, boxed, with accessories. I'm based in Stirling, in the centre of Scotland, and can happily meet within an hours drive or so. I also travel down to Lancashire fairly regularly, so can arrange to meet on one of those journeys. Alternatively, I will post via Special Delivery, though the cylinders would have to be empty of CO2 to comply with Royal Mail regulations. Any questions, please feel free to PM me. OPTIONAL ACCESSORY (AT EXTRA COST): I've included a photo of a Bowler Left-Hand grip I had made for this pistol when I bought it. I have extensively modified it for my son, but since he doesn't want it, I'm happy to sell it to a left-handed shooter who buys the pistol, for an additional £30.
  21. dprees

    Yet Another Leftie In Need Of A Rifle...

    Tim -- thanks for the explanation re Centre 10 rifles. Mac -- good suggestion; I'll ask Robin if he will allow me to take a look at his rifle -- I presume he's shooting on the outdoor range now at Alloa, so that's likely a good place to see him.
  22. dprees

    Yet Another Leftie In Need Of A Rifle...

    Tim, Thanks for responding to my plea. I'm afraid I'm not sure what a Centre 10 free rifle is, and a qucik Google did not find any references. I have the feeling, though, that it may not be quite the thing for a club-level shooter who is likely only to shoot prone. Feel free to advise! David.
  23. dprees

    Yet Another Leftie In Need Of A Rifle...

    Still looking...anything out there?
  24. dprees

    Left Handed Air Pistol Wanted

    I have a Feinwerkbau C20 air pistol I rarely use. It comes with adjustable R/H grip (useful if you ever decide to sell on), but since I'm a leftie also, I do have a L/H Bowler grip (extensively re-worked) or a Morini large L/H grip (untouched) I might be persuaded to part with, if you decided to buy. Only thing you should be aware of is that these air pistols use CO2 as the propellent, and clubs rarely rent such cylinders today. Thus I rent a CO2 cylinder from BOC for the purposes of keeping my CO2 pistols working. The positive side is that I'm prepared to let my C20 go for reasonable money -- say £300 + P&P. L/H grip additional, price negotiatible. If interested, PM me, and we'll arrange photos, etc. Regards, David.
  25. I'm interested, if it is still available. I've sent a PM. David.