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  1. Trying to log in to the forum these days prompts a message about how the site is insecure.


    Logging in via Facebook doesn't work anymore on a desktop, claims I don't have permission. The error occurs when trying to authorize a Facebook connection.


    Started a couple of weeks ago.

  2. I had read the rules before posting but thought it would be OK as it specifically mentions asking for a valuation when the intention is to sell something on this forum, which is not the case here. Maybe I just interpreted them wrong, sorry!


    Thanks for the info eitherway.

  3. I've been tasked with valuing a rifle from a retired club member to sell on to other club members at a fair price. I was wondering whether anyone here could help with that.


    The rifle looks to be an Anschutz 1813 super match in an early Gemini stock. It comes with a hand stop, seemingly original Anschutz sights, Centra iris and Centra foresight with level. I've attached some photos of it to an album.


    Anyone care to take a stab at a price that would be fair for both parties?



  4. Hi,


    I'm unsure whether or not this is the correct subsection to be asking this but if it isn't can a moderator please move it to where it belongs?


    Anywho, I'm interested in buying an EvoMix Jacket (such as http://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/ahg-Anschutz-EvoMix-Jacket-706.html) but am unsure if Intershoot/Edinkillie are the best way to go about it. Should I be going somewhere and having myself measured by someone or has anyone had any experience in filling out the Anschutz measurement form and buying online.


    A nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated.