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  1. Needs to be sold so open to offers
  2. Needs to be sold so open to offers
  3. For sale 2013 in gemini stock for sale centra foresight Hammerli rear sight Gehmann iris all included in the sale redundancy forces sale so unhappy to see it go but shoots incredibly well. Previous seller estimated 8000 rounds through it and I have put a further 4000 through it. A few scuff marks on the stock from getting in land out of the cabinet but in very good condition. £1200 collection preferred or RFD transfer at cost.
  4. watty2000

    Rear Sighs

    sorry its left handed but you havent specified so may be of use.
  5. watty2000

    Rear Sighs

    http://forum.stirton.com/index.php/topic/5567-anschutz-rear-sight/ Check the for sale section this may still be for sale?
  6. Hi All Does anyone have the extension tube that came with the short barrelled 2013? I have the 440mm one that you can buy and I find it too long for me. I am willing to swap for mine or buy one if anyone has one they dont use. steve
  7. I may be interested I have just applied for my FAC so if its still around in the next couple of months I will post to see if you still have it.
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