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  1. normanoj

    Due To Illness Selling Up

    Sorry to hear that you are looking to give up the sport. Hopefully you can get some help with your post. I'd be interested in getting a price for the following please: .22 cleaning rod & all cleaning equipment/solvents & other bits and bats, large holdall/bag etc. Hawke Vantage SF 6-24x44 rifle scope in protective box Bipod Regards
  2. normanoj

    Sold - Anschutz 1913L Super-Match (True Left Hand) - Sold

    Any ideas as to what is happening with this rifle - PM sent but no reply to that or on here!
  3. normanoj

    Andrew Tucker Stands (X8)

    how much for the whole lot please?
  4. normanoj

    Anschutz Swing Sling For Sale, As New

    Hello there, Was wondering if this sling was still for sale? If so would you be willing to let it go for £30 (push to £40) - you'd be helping out a newbie to the prone game! Many thanks, Normanoj