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  1. Try RUAG.....Interestingly I was talking to someone at bisley about these...he said if you get the FT one..(its about a quarter turn longer than normal) it adds more power to firing pin.
  2. slug33ukuk

    Upgrading The Forum

    I would say...keep it SIMPLE SAFE and REASONABLY COST EFFECTIVE......I am afraid I ...along with a number of members....... I am not particularly technically minded..nevertheless..I certainly appreciate this forum so I would be happy to pay some sort of fee. but as others have said ...we have to keep and encourage new members, and it is possible that the members who will stay / join... will be the hard core shooters (of a certain age). so...its the rock and a hard place scenario...but I am certain whatever decision is made will be the right one. Can I also take this opportunity to thank you and any contributors to this extremely useful forum.
  3. Dammit....been after one of these for 18mnths ...add on here lol
  5. Andy on ebay can sort yu out
  6. Must be in good nick...can px Anschutz cantable 7002 sight for right offer at decent price
  7. Wanted at a reasonable price,..... Spy Sight....short or long base..must be in good con
  8. Do you mean the lens holder attachment?.......sometimes some on ebay
  9. Should be a few on notice board in Bisley from 10th -17th...usually is
  10. Received my replacement...superb,
  11. Received mine today...unfortunately it was broken......the part where the arm of bolt should be....send me your email and I can send you pics, rather than go down the refund from ebay is it poss to send another 1?....Thanks Steve
  12. slug33ukuk


    Still looking for a centra spy sight (short or long), must be reasonably priced and in good con
  13. Just bought 1 for myself...if it is ok will probably want at least another 2...will let you know
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