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  1. Shumae

    Poly Morph

    squishy, if youd be kind enough to go out and buy some more then id be interested also )
  2. Shumae

    Anschutz .22Lr Target Rifle

    Tom, there are two Anschutz rifles in for sale area take a look....
  3. Shumae

    Kurt Thune 3P Jacket Size 58

    Sorry, now sold
  4. Shumae

    Anschutz 4Mm Sight Riser Blocks

    dedication, dedication lol
  5. Shumae

    Anschutz 4Mm Sight Riser Blocks

    experiment ay!
  6. Shumae

    Wanted: "older" Kurt Thune Model Ii Sling

    Hi Dave, I have exactly the same as in your picture, ill take some pics tomorrow and post them, you may be able to see if its any use to you ....or, I can post it across to you and if its not any use you can get it back to me at some point ...
  7. Shumae

    Centra Bipods

    Hi Greg, let me know and I'll take it off your hands ....
  8. Shumae

    Centra Bipods

    Let me know guys either way, thanks
  9. Shumae

    Centra Bipods

    Cheers Rob, thanks for the reply...
  10. Shumae

    Centra Bipods

    Hi rob in the unlikely event you have one left let me know ill take it off your hands... Thanks
  11. Shumae

    Ge 600 Stock For Sale

    Don't forget the dreded 20% .....
  12. Shumae

    Gemini 703 Stock [Sold]

    Hi Alan, may be interested,could you send me some pictures and an idea of what your asking please?
  13. Shumae

    Champion Super Olympic Frames

    Thanks for the reply ... Those glasses don't stay for sale very long and your price was very good indeed! Thanks again...
  14. Shumae

    Anschutz 1813

    Hi, I'm looking for a trigger guard for an Anschutz 1813 that will fit on a Colin Harris stock I'm trying out as the 1413 I have does not fit. Please pm me if anyone can help.. Thanks Shumae....
  15. Shumae

    Champion Super Olympic Frames

    Hi Mark, guess they are sold?
  16. Shumae

    System Gemini Adjustable Handstop

    Hi, is this still for sale?