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  1. The spring has been received and fitted, the trigger's working again. Many thanks to all, especially Andy P.
  2. It looks like the right one, but it has been sold. The part number is 1404-36 snap spring I believe. Thanks for the help so far.
  3. I hope somebody on the forum can help! One of our club members has a 1963 Model 54 Super Match. The trigger spring has finally given up,and he can't find a replacement. If anyone has an old Super Match that has been sacrificed for spares and still has a trigger spring, or even an entire trigger please let me know. James
  4. Don't know if anyone in UK stocks Hammerli sights at present. I had to order mine from Stopper: http://www.stopper.de/product_info.php/products_id/2814/cPath///hÄmmerli-precision-rear-sight-nr.-461.html They are expensive with the current exchange rate, but excellent quality with no backlash at all.
  5. Sad indeed. I was SUSF organiser in 1990 (ish), we had 8 universities competing in the shoulder to shoulder league and a very active social scene. Trips to BUSF were usually attended by most universities (bar Stirling as they had odd term times). I shot at school, but many shooters started shooting at university. Pleny of past & current Scotland shooters came through this system. Some clubs fell to the PC brigade (Stirling), some through lack of members/range (Dundee) and some through apathy (Strathclyde). See you at Denwood on Sunday Jamie?
  6. Would like to find 8mm Anschutz sight raising block (only foresight needed) for alternative extension tube. 1907-2013 fitting.
  7. j178023X

    Wanted- Riser Blocks

    Any particular size wanted? I have a spare set of 4mm raising blocks for Anschutz (Centra block 4mm raisers)
  9. Yes, you can PM me ok. As far as I'm aware all handstops fit fine (MEC, Anschutz, Gemini are ok) Thanks Michelle!! [
  10. The 1813L has now been sold, thanks to all who were interested. BACK TO THE ORIGINAL ADVERT: LEFT-HANDED System Gemini FR703 stock for sale. Mint condition (<500rds), graphite colour, 95mm pistol grip, suitable for Anschutz 14/18/19 series, available with bipod & buttplate if wanted. (£1651 to buy new) SAVE £500 on new price: Stock alone £950 ovno Stock, buttplate & bipod £1150 ovno
  11. Please note: Buttplate only for sale with Gemini stock, not as single item
  12. Hopefully pictures resized & attached: Any reasonable offer considered!
  13. It's a System Gemini ACTIV, will post photo of stock & plate later today (work permitting!)
  14. NEARLY NEW (<500 rds, Feb 08) LEFT HANDED System Gemini FR703 stock, graphite colour for Anschutz 14/18/19 series, 95mm pistol grip. Can sell with graphite System Gemini bipod and System Gemini ACTIV buttplate if wanted. Genuine reason for reluctant sale. Current new price for stock alone £1269, buttplate £316, bipod £66. Stock REDUCED TO £950. Stock, buttplate & bipod REDUCED TO £1150 SAVING £500 ON NEW COST
  15. How urgently do you need a rifle? I have an 18 series Supermatch with a Shilen stainless barrel that may be for sale soon. Also have a good as new(<500rds) Gemini FR703 stock. Rifle can be sold with sights if wanted (Anschutz rearsight, Centra variable foresight)
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