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  1. Centra 1.8 Competition Iris (Red) SOLD http://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Centra-1-8-Competition-Iris-218.html Anschutz m18 foresight internal bubble, cantable, lovely slow bubble £35 posted http://www.bedstargetsupplies.co.uk/anschutz-internal-bubble-p-349.html Andrew Tucker (premium heavy) shooting stand. Twiddly bit for in position adjustment. SOLD Opticon 60x 22mm angled eyepiece spotting scope. Fur lined andrew tucker dual end opening case. Addition Opticron 40x eyepiece for 100yrds SOLD If you would like pictures, send me your email address and what you want photographed and I'll be happy to oblige. Payment by bank transfer please or will consider cleared cheque before dispatch if you're internetphobic. If your interested in anything please send me a private mail, if you would like to post a witty negative comment about prices etc please show restraint
  2. It's 3.9cm including the thread, which is approx 0.6mm of that measurement.
  3. Sorry James only just read post will measure it shortly
  4. Listing updated, all sold items removed
  5. Sight Base Extension Tube now sold sorry.
  6. Thanks Paul, Its not a great situation, I finally felt like I had found my niche at long last, only for my body to tell me that I hadn't... I probably will have a nose from time to time.
  7. Thanks Jonty, fingers crossed one day I'll be able to return to the fold. Best of luck to you too. Greg
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  9. Rifle Now Sold. Thanks for your interest.
  10. Michelle's correct, right handed rifle.
  11. Thanks Jonty, I might give that a go if there are no takers on here.
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    Fyi Spotting Scopes

    Have to agree, from my experience; 25 good, 50 just about, 100 not a chance
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    Still for sale
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    They are used at 25, 50m and 100 yards, usually. Its not uncommon to use a white backing sheet behind the target at 100 yards which helps with a little extra definition.
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    Pictures are a little distorted by resize program, but you get the idea!
  17. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Anschutz-Hand-Palm-Rest-plus-extra-hand-rest-/321397692393?pt=UK_SportingGoods_OtherSports&hash=item4ad4cb97e9 be quick, one just listed on ebay
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    No Longer Required.

    Bought a new set.
  19. Having a clear out to pay for some new bits and bobs.. Gehmann 590 compact rear sight Fits Anschutz and FWB £100 + £6.95 RMSD Boxed as new, used a handful of times only. *SOLD* Gehmann anti glare tube £10 posted Feinwerkbau Rear Sight NEW and unused fits Anschutz and FWB (came with my new FWB 2700) £150 + £6.95 RMSD Feinwerkbau handstop NEW (came with my new FWB 2700) £60 delivered Send me a PM if your interested in anything.
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    No Longer Required

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    All Sold

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    All Sold

    All Sold
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    Rear Sights For Anschutz Match 54 - Prone Shooting

    I use a couple of the Centra Pro 57 rear sights, they were £150 each new. They have been great, happy to recommend them. Again 20 click. Similar to the Gehmann 590 suggested by Tim, but with an integrated anti glare tube. I'm sure they are both good options.