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  1. Hi Rox, I'll PM you separately but that sound great! I'll be in Bisley a couple of times hopefully over November and this weekend so I can give you some details in a message.
  2. Hi mate, that's perfect thanks for the tip! I'll follow up with both of them and see what's on offer. Separately, I saw your other post. Hope you're getting on well with the new Dolphin rifle!
  3. Hi all, I'm an ex-uni shooter after a 762/308 Target Rifle for use at Bisley. I've been on the hunt since the last Imperial meeting but no luck so far, so thought I'd put this out in case anyone's thinking of selling here/ on the grapevine. I broke my T and ended up in A last year so keen to find something that can grow with me over the next few years of shooting (especially now my FAC is on the way). Budget-wise I'm in the region of £1000-£2500 so alot of flexibility. I'd like as much of a package as possible (ie: not have to go out and buy sights on top etc) but equally I understand I'm at the mercy of the second hand market! I'd stretch on budget for the right action/stock combo so feel free to suggest whatever you might have. Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help!
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