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  1. shooter599

    Parker Hale Adapter Screw

    Hi Hitchphil i not sure if you had my message about the parker hale adapter screw so can i purchase one of the screws please.
  2. shooter599

    Parker Hale Adapter Screw

    Hi can i buy on of them from you.
  3. shooter599

    Parker Hale Adapter Screw

    Hi Does anyone have an adapter screw to fit a Parker Hale iris to an Anschutz rear sight?
  4. shooter599

    Sold Grunig & Elmiger Master M + Centra/mec Handstops

    Hi is the Grunig hand stop still for sale.
  5. SOLD For Sale is a Remington .22 T40x Target rifle in a Gemini stock. this rifle has a bull barrel and has been upgraded with a Kenyan match trigger, the sale includes two wooden pistol grips and two cheek pieces also wooden parts which I assume are for 3/p. The rifle is in a very good condition with suggested uses apart from prone, Bench rest and F/class, extras on the rifle are a centra/Mec hand stop and Freeland style front and back sights, you can also fit standard target sights or a scope. This is indeed a very good quality rifle. As to pictures I have tried to attached files unfortunately this site will not let me saying that it is above the allowance of 1gb which is not enough for most photos. The Sale price is £950 which is a lot of rifle for your money. If you want more info then Pm me. Attachments_2015624.zip
  6. shooter599

    Opticron Scope For Sale

    Hi Niel, yes it is the one with the angled eye piece my email address is tda.1946@yahoo.co.uk can you pay by Pay Pal if you don't have a pay pal account then what other method do you want to use Regards Terence Ps if you give me your email address I will send you photos .
  7. shooter599

    Opticron Scope For Sale

    I have a Opticron IS60 Field-Scope for sale complete with a 18-54 zoom lenses. it has a few marks otherwise it is in good nick and was serviced by opticron in 2013. £ 140 email me if you want any pictures. Sold
  8. shooter599

    Bsa Mk11 Butt

    Hi has anyone have a BSA Mk11 wooden butt any condition! please contact shooter599
  9. i want to change my password