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  1. Just donned my hard hat so thought I'd add my opinion.

    1. Excellent forum, it serves it's purpose and more.
    2. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    3. Don't assume that we are all social media FOMO addicts.
    4. Congratulations to Neil for doing such a good job in providing us this forum!

    10 Dots

  2. Hi Alan


    I copied this from an old post a while ago, never tried but assume it works.


    Adding Photos to a Post


    You need to resize your photos to something like 800x600 or 1280x1024 pixels using a tool such as the free graphics tool IrfanView (on a PC as a Windows example).


    Adding them, you need to upload them into your forum post (easiest from a desktop computer) via the Attach Files button - you can add a number this way, then once uploaded, place the cursor somewhere in your edit, and press the Attach File button and it will add a link into your post to the uploaded photo at the cursor position.



    10 Dots

  3. Does anyone have one of the original Precise trigger guards that is surplus to requirements? It's the thin metal one that's screwed to the front of the pistol grip and many people replace with the more robust aluminium one that locates into the handrail slot.



    10 Dots

  4. Hi All


    I've often seen posts for people wanting the 'butt plate-to-hook' connector and assume them to be as common as 'Hen's teeth'. There's a guy that designs and makes accessories for Field Target rifles by using the Selective Laser Sintering process. Many of his designs are improvements on the OEM parts and I'm sure that if you approached him with an original part he'd be willing to make a counterpart, or maybe an improved version. The process is not cheap but he has the advantage of a webshop and if there's enough demand the unit price would be reduced.


    Anyway, it was just a thought, here's the link to his website www.maestro-design.co.uk


    10 Dots

  5. Hi Tim G

    FYI, Arthur Harvey at Budleigh Farm had a nice 1811 for sale when I visited him a few months ago. If you're interested why not ping him an email, you'll find his details at www.budleighfarm.co.uk


    I bought a new '80's 1811 and had it bedded by Accuracy International. The rifle is easy to setup and achieves a nice position with almost no movement on recoil. I've enjoyed shooting it for many years and I'd certainly recommend one for prone. It's currently mothballed as I've bought a Gemini / Maddco combo and I'm enjoying the challenge of achieving that elusive perfect position. Sorry Tim, before you ask, there's no way I'd sell the 1811.

  6. I can see a crack at the base of the black metal collar (between the bolt handle and the rear locking mechanism of the bolt) - as highlighted with the red circle in the following picture (thanks to targettalk for supplying the image):



    It's not clear whether the bolt in the above photo is Chris's actual bolt or a 'stock photo' in which Chris has ringed a part in red. I suspect the latter, which may be what is causing distraction with the orientation of the bolt handle.