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    Cumbrian got a reaction from looepete in Anschutz Firing Pin Spring   
    I thought that Anschhutz still supplied springs for the 1400 series bolts, as well as for the 1800-1900 series, but I may be wrong. That wing safety bolt still seems to be used for their expensive 1700 series hunting rifles.The UK supplier is now RUAG, I believe. It is only the 1600 series bolts for which Anschutz definitely don't supply new springs.
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    Cumbrian got a reaction from Christopherspgray in Long Leg Black Gemini Bipod   
    I'm afraid there is no sign of this in my email box. Another message sent this way a few weeks ago also did not arrive, so I had better give you my direct email address. (I know this is not advisable in theory on an open forum, but I believe all Stirton members are entirely trustworthy.) It is: rdhcustance@yahoo.com
    I will also try a pm from my end.
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    Cumbrian got a reaction from jonty in Bleeker Wooden Stock   
    I know exactly how you feel, Jonty. And I do go clay pigeon shooting as well, also without great success. The two disciplines, with their diametrically opposite requirements, foul each other quite amazingly.