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  1. Cumbrian

    Lapua Centre - X batch

    This isn't the reply you are hoping for, I'm afraid, and perhaps it is superfluous, but a longer term remedy might be to increase your allowance of ammunition so that you can really stock up when you find a good batch. I know that I struggled with only 1000 to buy and hold. I now have 3000 on my certificate; others have 5000, I believe. Of course you may already have the maximum that your firearms dept. will allow, in which case all I can do is to wish you luck in your search. Also, I am told that Lapua are holding a batch testing session in June, well before their usual August one at Bisley.
  2. Cumbrian

    WANTED- Centra Duo Vario foresight

    Jonty, I am having great difficulty in contacting you about the Vario. Could you please contact me, either through this website's messaging service or directly at my email address: rdhcustance@yahoo.com. Thank you. Roger
  3. Cumbrian

    SOLD Gemini Kneeling Block

    If you can include postage in the price of £80, I'll take this, please. (I am assuming that it is in good condition.) Roger
  4. Cumbrian

    WANTED- Centra Duo Vario foresight

    Jonty, I have sent you a PM. Roger
  5. Cumbrian

    WANTED- Centra Duo Vario foresight

    I have one. I use small shims cut from an aluminium can to pad out the Anschutz dovetail. They work fine. I have gone over to Centra High End inserts, for which you can buy, at some expense a special foresight tunnel that will fit the raised Anschutz dovetail block. You might wish to consider this alternative. Roger
  6. Cumbrian

    4mm Raiser Block

    That's the guy. He does seem to come and go a bit, doubtless because he makes the risers in small batches, which sell out. They are good, however; not least because they have more screws for attaching to the dovetail than others that I have seen or purchased, though you need to tension them carefully i.e. lightly and in a logical sequence, side to side and back to front.
  7. Cumbrian

    4mm Raiser Block

    'Fraid not but there's usually a guy on eb-y who sells his own blocks of any height from 4mm upwards, and they are very well made; I have several.
  8. Cumbrian

    WTB Anschutz 1913 or 1912 Stock

    Jason, Have sent you a PM. Roger
  9. Cumbrian

    Please Read!

    Just like to say that the rules for advertisers seem entirely reasonable, indeed generous, to me. I have advertised only once (a target rifle) and was very grateful for the opportunity to do so.
  10. Cumbrian

    Wanted Leftie Small Bore

    There is also an 1813 with sights for £700 on gunstar.co.uk (advertiser is in Surrey).
  11. Cumbrian

    Anschutz Firing Pin Spring

    I thought that Anschhutz still supplied springs for the 1400 series bolts, as well as for the 1800-1900 series, but I may be wrong. That wing safety bolt still seems to be used for their expensive 1700 series hunting rifles.The UK supplier is now RUAG, I believe. It is only the 1600 series bolts for which Anschutz definitely don't supply new springs.
  12. Cumbrian

    [Sold] Offset Sight Plates

    Are these in good nick (no pun intended)? If so, and assuming that they will fit an Anschutz 1800 barrel and action, I'll take them, please.
  13. Cumbrian

    Bsa Martini International Mk Iv Left Handed

    This rifle is now sold.
  14. Cumbrian

    Bsa Martini International Mk Iv Left Handed

    Peter, I have just found your reply but it is rather late in the evening and I do not like to ring you now, though I will do so in the morning. Meanwhile and in any case, if you care to send me a p.m. via the Stirton messaging service (click on my user name), I will reply by email and send some photos if you wish. Roger
  15. Cumbrian

    Bsa Martini International Mk Iv Left Handed

    Alan, Thank you for your interest. I have sent you some emails (several rather than one owing to incompetence) with photos. Hope they get through to you. Also some information about RFD costs. Roger