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  1. Cumbrian

    Centra Duplex.

    I have sent you a PM. Roger
  2. Cumbrian

    1813 Barrel & Action

    The Anschutz original trigger (as seen on the lower barrel) certainly can be set to be two stage. Very nice trigger it is too, and still made because the design was so good. The Kelly trigger is single stage only, I understand.
  3. Cumbrian

    1813 Barrel & Action

    Neil, Thank you very much for your helpful and interesting reply. I'm quite tempted by the 'Kelly' barrel (and I have a slot for it as well), but I do have two 1813 barrels already, so it might be over the top. If you were nearer ( I'm in southern Hampshire and don't go North like I used to do), I would be very interested in trying the trigger, but I shall probably have to leave it to someone else. Good luck with the sale. Roger
  4. Cumbrian

    1813 Barrel & Action

    Tim, Thank you very much, as usual. I have to confess that I had not heard of the Kelly trigger before - initially on reading the post I confused it with a Kenyon trigger. What you say is very interesting, especially about the crispness. Like you, I can set my Anschutz 5018s very, very light but somehow I don't quite know or can't quite sense when they will finally go off. There is a kind of fractional 'no-man's land' in the process, if that makes any sense. The result is - for me at least - that I can often overdo the final touch in releasing the trigger. Are Kelly triggers available? (By the way, I was reading up about the legendary Kenyon triggers and one guy in the USA, who had seven of them, said that they were sadly susceptible to wear, so much so that they could become almost unusable, and that he would not buy one unless he knew for sure its mileage. Several of his were no longer up to it.) Roger
  5. Cumbrian

    1813 Barrel & Action

    Forgive the question, but how does the Kelly trigger compare to a properly set up single stage Anschutz trigger as standard on the 1800 series?
  6. Cumbrian


    As you might expect, Tim is spot on in both respects. Pity that someone stained and varnished the butt (look at the Mk 3 for some very nice walnut). IIRC, the stock-to-action bolts for the Mk 2s and 3s are not the same as those for the Mk 4s and Mk 5s, so there may have been some clever adjustment internally in this case. The bolts, by the way, defeat most long shaft screw drivers in my experience. I had a T bar screw driver specially made, with a broad and quite thick end, to tackle the heads on the bolts of my BSAs. And, unfortunately, in my opinion at least, it is necessary to get the butt off for proper cleaning of the barrel.
  7. Cumbrian


    You might like to advertise the fact that one is a Mk 3 with fully floated barrel (but apparently no sights, which would be expensive to acquire separately). If the hanger for the fully floated arrangement is in good condition (which it probably won't be if the rifle has ever been dropped), the Mk 3 would still be a desirable rifle. Good luck - these BSAs do still sell, if the price is realistic.
  8. Cumbrian

    Centra Vibrake

    Apologies if this is too much of a digression, but do these things really make a difference? I can see from looking at my Anschutz 1800 actions that a lot, in my opinion too much, metal has been cut away to facilitate access to the loading port, so the whole structure is weakened, but how much effect does this have on the way the rifle performs? With very limited knowledge of physics and engineering, I'd be grateful to be enlightened.
  9. Cumbrian

    Lapua Centre - X batch

    This isn't the reply you are hoping for, I'm afraid, and perhaps it is superfluous, but a longer term remedy might be to increase your allowance of ammunition so that you can really stock up when you find a good batch. I know that I struggled with only 1000 to buy and hold. I now have 3000 on my certificate; others have 5000, I believe. Of course you may already have the maximum that your firearms dept. will allow, in which case all I can do is to wish you luck in your search. Also, I am told that Lapua are holding a batch testing session in June, well before their usual August one at Bisley.
  10. Cumbrian

    WANTED- Centra Duo Vario foresight

    Jonty, I am having great difficulty in contacting you about the Vario. Could you please contact me, either through this website's messaging service or directly at my email address: rdhcustance@yahoo.com. Thank you. Roger
  11. Cumbrian

    SOLD Gemini Kneeling Block

    If you can include postage in the price of £80, I'll take this, please. (I am assuming that it is in good condition.) Roger
  12. Cumbrian

    WANTED- Centra Duo Vario foresight

    Jonty, I have sent you a PM. Roger
  13. Cumbrian

    WANTED- Centra Duo Vario foresight

    I have one. I use small shims cut from an aluminium can to pad out the Anschutz dovetail. They work fine. I have gone over to Centra High End inserts, for which you can buy, at some expense a special foresight tunnel that will fit the raised Anschutz dovetail block. You might wish to consider this alternative. Roger
  14. Cumbrian

    4mm Raiser Block

    That's the guy. He does seem to come and go a bit, doubtless because he makes the risers in small batches, which sell out. They are good, however; not least because they have more screws for attaching to the dovetail than others that I have seen or purchased, though you need to tension them carefully i.e. lightly and in a logical sequence, side to side and back to front.
  15. Cumbrian

    4mm Raiser Block

    'Fraid not but there's usually a guy on eb-y who sells his own blocks of any height from 4mm upwards, and they are very well made; I have several.