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  1. Cumbrian

    Eagle eye

    Only just seen your reply. Am sending you a p.m. Roger
  2. Cumbrian

    Eagle eye

    I may be able to help. I have a spare Centra 0.3 x 22mm eagle eye. Would that fit your foresight?
  3. I'll take the trigger gauge, please. (I'm assuming that it works just fine, though obviously in used condition.) PM will be sent as well. Roger
  4. In default of a modern bolt action rifle, may I suggest that she at least consider a BSA Martini International? They will shoot very accurately and offer a short loading port if she is not all that tall - ladies in our club have often preferred the martini action for that reason. There are several left-handed examples on Guntrader at the moment at reasonable prices, and one in particular looks to be in very good order and with handsome walnut, too. The one proviso is that the non-adjustable cheek piece must suit her (though it can be sculpted a bit). The butt can always be shortened and a wooden butt hook can be fashioned by any competent wood worker. The Mark 4 BSAs also have a lighter barrel that might be appropriate, as well as adjustable and, in my opinion,.delightful triggers. Do not, however, buy one without the correct sights as they are very expensive separately.
  5. I hope it may be allowable - if not, Neil, please delete this - to mention a small, mostly air rifle oriented shop that I accidentally chanced upon through Google. It is called Protek Supplies, in Bognor Regis. Its website has a page of target shooting accessories, very miscellaneous and not a vast number, but with, for example, several unusual butt hooks and precision rear sights for Enfield no. 4s. I found some one inch elements for my Tucker foresight and they also have them for a Taylor tube and the tubes themselves (never heard of them). I suspect the shop may be a bit chaotic but the owners are helpful. It's the sort of place that usually is well below the radar. Might be worth a quick browse if you have time on your hands.
  6. If they are Mk 2s they will have that stamped on the action; if not, they are probably Mk 1s. The Mk 2s were an improvement on the Mk 1s. The one in the photo appears to be a Mk 1 but I can't be sure without a close-up. Good luck, but, sadly, your club may have to give them away, unless they are Mk 3s or Mk5s, which do have a following if in very good condition.
  7. Belatedly spotted the conclusion to this quest: looks like a bargain to me. Well done.
  8. I have one that I don't use. I am sending you a pm.
  9. Victoria, What looks like a rather nice L/H Anschutz has just been advertised on Guntrader. Lacks a butt hook off its otherwise up to date factory butt plate. Apparently a '1600' rather than an 1800 series, which means spares are scarce if needed for the trigger unit or bolt, but with care and a bit of luck you won't need them. Not a bad price IMHO. Well worth a look. Roger
  10. I would keep on trying, especially after Tim's helpful advice. Left handers are difficult to find for a buyer but also difficult to sell.
  11. Victoria, There is a left handed Anschutz 1807, with an expensive Gehmann rear sight, complete in all respects for £400 on Guntrader, if you haven't seen it already. A good buy, I would say, if you don't mind the 1807 fore end. The cheek piece has apparently been modified, but that may be a good thing. Roger
  12. Just a thought: do you absolutely require a bolt action rifle? If not, there are three nice BSA Martini Internationals, .all left handed, for sale on Guntrader at the moment. Not expensive and the prices will be negotiable, I daresay, too. They are likely to shoot very well and the martini action will give you a loading port much closer to you than any bolt action (except for very modern and very expensive Swiss and German rifles). Ladies in our club have found BSAs much easier to shoot because of that proximity, and the one who uses an Anschutz finds its loading port too far away, even though she is somewhat taller than you are. Roger
  13. Sorry, this post was simply compounding my earlier mistake in getting enthusiastic about a rifle without any moving parts.
  14. I think I remember seeing an advert for brand new, 'made in the USA', BSA ejector claws, probably for Mk.2s however. The guy might make one for you, he seems skilled enough, but a cheaper option might well be to find another Mk 1 (one was advertised quite recently on Guntrader or Gunstar) or to go for a Mk 2 or later, which exist in useful numbers. Exporting gun parts from the US can be very difficult, too. Otherwise, I agree with Jonty. Found it. It is on Gunstar under 'BSA International Target Lever Action' but it lacks the entire action, incl of course the ejector claw. Many apologies.
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