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  1. Amazed your selling your MX-02 Bob,

    At first I only used mine a few times a month but now use is every day weather its at home indoors (5m) or down the garden (25m) but at weekends its in full use with my club.


    You have too much time on your hands Mark Lol, mind you the way I have been shooting the last 12 months I need to go over the Club and use the one there.

  2. Because I have bought a new rifle and it will not fit on it, I am selling my Starik Carbon Fibre TunerTube.


    It is 13 inches long as is like new as I have only had it since January this year.


    It will fit on a 1913 Anschutz, and I am looking for around £140 for it.


    If anyone would like to see it, I will be at the Bisley meeting, or I can send pictures if required


    I forgot to mention that this is STARIK TUNER TUBE

  3. James,

    I like and have used Junkers for years, having tried all the usual makes I find them more practical, less obtrusive and more comfortable. My old pair were getting tired but still serviceable so I looked for some more and was shocked by the new price!

    I was directed to the website of Bob Jones in the states who makes Junkers lookalikes for silly cheap money $50 or less and ordered a couple of frames. I now use them as a preference with my Junkers as a spare, I use them for both small bore and 300 mt and can not recommend them enough. Look up www.bjonessights.com Bob is very user friendly as well.


    Good shooting


    Eric Uptagrafft uses Junkers glasses, and he was in the American Olympic Team


    Got a pair of Knoblocks with adjustable iris. Cased with screwdriver. £105 posted.


    I sold mine for £55.00 and that included postage to Italy.



    Only joking Nick, mine went for £101 and that did not include postage, and it didn't have the adjustable iris.


    So your offer is a good one.