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  1. GaryD

    Shooting Glasses

    I sold mine for £55.00 and that included postage to Italy. Only joking Nick, mine went for £101 and that did not include postage, and it didn't have the adjustable iris. So your offer is a good one.
  2. GaryD

    Shooting Glasses

    I sold mine for £55.00 and that included postage to Italy.
  3. GaryD

    Shooting Glasses

    Should have asked last week James as I have just sold my Knoblocks to Italy of all places, posted them off today.
  4. GaryD

    Barry Nesom 12" Extension Tube

    My apologies Neo but there appears to be some confusion over the way we contacted each other. On the 12th of October you sent me via a PM your email address. I replied on the 14th of October via a PM with my email address asking you to pay me as a gift to avoid excessive PayPal charges. On the 19th of October I sent you another PM asking if you still wanted it, as there was someone else interested in it. I received no reply to the PM. I also posted on the forum about it as well. Perhaps in hindsight I should have contacted you via your email address but as all previous contact had been through PM's, I carried on doing it. So I do apologise again for any confusion, but unfortunately I have already received payment for it from looepete.
  5. GaryD

    Barry Nesom 12" Extension Tube

    I am having a bit of a clear out so I am selling my Barry Nesom 12" extension tube which was on my Anschutz Model 54 Rifle £35 o.n.o.
  6. GaryD

    Barry Nesom 12" Extension Tube

    Hi looepete, I have just sent you a PM
  7. GaryD

    Barry Nesom 12" Extension Tube

    Hi looepete, I received the reply below from the other guy last night at about 9:15 pm, if I haven't received payment for it by 9:30 pm tomorrow night then you can have it. Hi Gary, I still want the tube please. Sorry for the delay, but I was out of the country for a while. Please let me know if is mine and I will send the money via paypal as requested. cheers Below is the reply to the message I sent him last night Yes I still have it but if I hadn't had a reply from you by Friday I was going to sell it to the other guy. If you can make a payment to my Pay pal account then I will send it to you. Gary
  8. GaryD

    Barry Nesom 12" Extension Tube

    Thanks for asking about the extension tube. Someone else did agree to buy it and I sent him my email address on the 14th of October for payment via PayPay but as of yet I have received no conformation from them. I will give him another few days just in case, if not you can have it. Gary
  9. GaryD

    Barry Nesom 12" Extension Tube

    Reply PM sent
  10. GaryD

    Wanted Champion Olympic Glasses

    I am after a pair of Olympic Shooting Glasses, so if anyone has one to sell then please PM me.
  11. There was a female shooter next but one to me, and congratulations Robert on getting promoted as well.
  12. I am selling an ESE Shooting Mat which has never been used on any range. I bought it when I started back shooting and has only been used at home for dry firing, it is in as new condition £50. Bisley trolley £35 Also selling an Anschutz accessory bag in excellent condition. £18. I will be at Bisley from the 15th to the 21st of August so if anyone is interested I can take them there for viewing.
  13. As far as buying shooting kit from this forum this has to be by far the most easyes deal done, and pick up of goods so jammy!!!!!! Deal was done with GaryD and he told me he to was going to Bisley, buy phone call while both there started to arange pick up and ask him for details of Class he said B Class oh same as myself then the jammy bit I ask comp number he said 2012 well sod me I was 2011!!!!! How jammy was that I agree with you Mark, that was an unbelievable coincidence.
  14. Thanks Robert, but I have managed to get both of the bits I was looking for.
  15. Hi All, If anyone has the above mentioned bits that they want to find a good home for, then I am the one that can help you. Seriously though, I am looking for the bits above so if anyone can help then Please let me know.
  16. Sorry sdixon1, and thanks for asking But the bag has also been sold
  17. Thanks to all of you, Trolley and Mat have now been sold
  18. Thanks Mark, I will phone you later
  19. GaryD

    Wanted Centra 22Mm External Bubble

    Thanks Lee for the offer, but I have managed to Pinch, sorry I mean borrow one from a Club Member who doesn't use it now. I am trying to compare it with an internal bubble which I bought off another member on the Forum. But at the moment I cant decide which I prefer. Decisions Decisions
  20. As the heading says I am looking for an external bubble for a Centra 22mm Foresight, I have recently bought an internal one but I would like to try the external one for comparison.
  21. GaryD

    Cardiff Hotel

    The Quarter Finals of the Rugby World Cup are being held on the 17th and 18th of October in Cardiff, that's why you cant find a place to put your head down. If you can find anywhere, grab it quickly as a lot of other people are going to be in the same boat. Alternatively find a place outside of Cardiff and drive in.
  22. GaryD

    Centra Forsight Bubble 22Mm

    As the heading says I am looking for a spirit level to fit a Centra 22mm foresight, please PM me if you have one for sale.
  23. Thanks chunter177, Jonty sent me a PM about the one he had for sale last week after which I remembered a friend of mine had one that he didn't use. I tried it out yesterday but I decided to stick to my High Ends as I have so many of them and it would be daft to change.