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  1. This Morini 162ie air pistol has now been SOLD.
  2. Pictures taken this afternoon and sent out by email as requested.
  3. SOLD (collected) including the black carbon fibre sleeve .
  4. zooma

    Please Read!

    Hi Neil, Allowing active members to offer any unwanted kit for sale on your site is very generous and can only help to further the sport as it helps those that either cannot find what they want, or cannot afford to buy at new prices. I have bought and sold items on Stirton and have been very grateful for the opportunity to dispose of any unwanted kit as it has helped me to put some cash towards the new replacement/upgrade, and to find and buy things that I have been unable to find elsewhere. It would be good if anyone selling from a Stirton advert would be obliged to sell to the first who committed to buy at the asking price (assuming payment is made in a timely way) and not sell to a later offer that could subject the first buyer to being out-bid by a later contact without their knowledge. Asking the seller to mark the sales thread when an item has been sold would also be courteous and save any false hopes being dashed or the seller being bothered after the kit has already been sold. I learn more from Stirton than I contribute, (I am not as knowledgeable as some others!) so I find your site very informative and helpful. Best regards, and thanks for sharing your site with us! Bob.
  5. zooma

    Walther LG400 Orange

    It does look good - very good - but is it good enough to tempt Robin back into air rifle shooting?
  6. The missing tin looks like it was the same as I used to buy when I was shooting air pistol back in the late 1970's/early 80's - it contained foam trays of selected H&N pellets. I think I also used to buy selected Eley Match pellets in the same tin - but with the different logo printed on it ! I still have some un-opened tins of Eley Match pellets that I bought when I was shooting in the NSRA finals when they used to be held in the Sophia Gardens in Cardiff - (same sort of time period ) - goodness knows what the pellets would be like inside the tins - but they have never been opened and the tape seals are still in place.
  7. I can take pictures of the pistol with and without the black carbon fibre barrel sleeve for anyone interested in buying it and send them by email. Anyone who is able to travel to Rossendale on a club night (7 - 10pm Tuesday and Thursday evenings) would be most welcome to inspect and shoot the pistol at 10 metres before parting with any cash!
  8. I wish I never sold my CP 201 - I still have the weighing scales and CO2 bulk fill cylinder . I am unable to drive to Bedford to collect your CP 201, but if you are a private seller I would like to buy it from you - and hope you will consider posting it to me. Your used CP 201 does not have to come to me via an RFD (and incur the additional costs and inconvenience) as it is not a firearm. When CO2 pistols first came out, they had to be held on a firearms certificate, but that ruling was changed many years ago and no longer applies. If you are an RFD then you may not be free to post it to me, but If you are a private seller you will only need to drain the cylinders before being able to legally post it to me. Parcelforce 48 from your local post office is the most popular, inexpensive , and preferred method of transporting a used air pistol and if you are able to send it this way I would be happy to cover the cost. If you are unhappy to post it, my good friend Robin Carter has offered to collect it from you on my behalf. Please let me know how you would prefer to be paid. Bob.
  9. I m selling another of my Morini 162ie match pistols as winter is coming and I will be switching back to shooting rifle most weeks at our local club.This pistol is in very good condition and is extremely accurate and shoots like a dream and is currently fitted with a right handed walnut RINK large size grip.Like all the later Morini 162ie match pistols, this one has the newer type circuit board that runs on x2 AAA batteries and comes in the original Morini fitted case with two air cylinders, refill adaptor, draining adaptor and is complete with the small Morini moulded tool box (with tools).The original factory test card and handbook (matching numbers with the pistol) are also included making this a very genuine and desirable match pistol.Realistically priced to sell SOLD with black carbon fibre barrel sleeve.Prices include delivery to any UK mainland address. SOLD
  10. I have just sent some pictures of my Morini to you by email - please reply by email to let me know that you have received them and if you have any questions you would like me to answer. Best regards, Bob.
  11. Hi David, I will send you some pictures, and if you like it you can let me know the RFD you would like to use and we can take it from there. Please reply by email so I don't miss you if I am not on this site when you want to contact me. Best regards, Bob.
  12. We now have enough LP5 and LP50 target pistols, but we would still be interested in buying some turning target holders.
  13. I have a Morini 162ie for sale for £895 if that is of any interest to you, please let me know and I can email some pictures to you. The pistol looks really smart as it has a silver carbon barrel sleeve and a well figured medium sized walnut grip. I bought it as a spare but haven't really used it much so it is a nice low milage model that still feels "tight", holds air and shoots really well. Best regards, Bob.
  14. If you get flooded with offers George, please let me know and I will take one off of your hands to save you too much embarrassment
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