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  1. The XT300 Anatomic is obsolete and was replaced by the LG400 Anatomic several years ago - so buying a new one is not an option that can be compared. I sold my mint condition XT300 Anatomic with the same optional parts that are fitted as this one a couple of years ago (it could have been its exact twin - but without the stickers) and always regretted it as I loved the rifle and if I could buy one for the same price as I sold it for I would seriously consider replacing it and selling my unused FWB 800X that is a lovely rifle (the closest FWB have made to feeling like a Walther) as I prefer the wood stock to the alloy 800X.
  2. That was a fair price for a mint condition LG300XT Anatomic 3 years ago. I don't think they have appreciated since then and are probably worth a little less now.
  3. The price includes delivery by courier to any UK mainland address for anyone that is unable to either collect it or come and shoot it on the Rossendale Club in Lancashire.
  4. This superb match air pistol of the latest type of Morini 162ie is still available - and can be bought at a similar price to some of the older model 162ie pistols ! The offer of a possible px against a match rifle (cash either way) is also still open so anybody considering switching in the opposite direction to myself from air rifle to air pistol may be able to reduce the cost of a change with a deal against this superb condition and little used Mk2 Morini 162ie. I would be interested in an exchange (with cash) against a Feinwerkbau 800X, Walther LG400 Expert or Pardini Top. A nice condition Walther LG300XT Carbontec would also be considered. Latest logos on pistol and case.
  5. We have been using stands of the type that are used for holding microphones and cymbals from drum kits etc for some years now at our club with complete success. The stands are very sturdy, they are height adjustable and chrome plated so they look good as well. They have been fitted with a small flat wooden top of a similar size to the purpose built stands from the usual manufacturers and have a layer of old yoga mat or any other similar type of foam (often sold for camping underlays) glued onto them to protect the underside of the rifle. The finished result looks very smart. These stands can often be bought secondhand at very good prices and if you upgrade in the future they can still be sold-on again so they are very "cost effective" too!
  6. Please send me some pictures of your Kurt Thane shooting jacket and trousers to:-


    I think they should both me fit OK.



  7. I am looking to buy 4 -5 target changers for our club. Please send me some pictures of your Haering EL3 target changers to me by email. Thanks for your help! Bob.
  8. FWB grip sent to Perron today by RM Special Delivery - should be there tomorrow! Receipt and tracking information emailed with a picture of the package.
  9. A px with a really good condition match air rifle would also be considered ! I would be interested in a Walther LG400 Expert or a Feinwerkbau 800X with cash either way, and I would also consider a Walther LG300XT Anatomic, LG300XT ProTouch or LG300XT Carbontec.
  10. I have reluctantly decided to sell my Morini 162ie match pistol as I have been unable to shoot serious target pistol for some time due to ongoing health issues with my neck and spine. I am now shooting 10 meter air rifle where my shooting jacket offers a degree of support that is not available to me when shooting air pistol. My Morini 162ie is one of the last of this type (the so-called Mk 2) that has the revised muzzle brake with the new Morini logo on it. The two air cylinders, and the hard pistol case also carry the new Morini logo. The pistol came with a large right hand grip but I may be able to change this for one of my large RINK grips that I have advertised here - if they do not sell first. All of the original paperwork and the tool case with tools are all present and correct. I am told that these last models of the 162ie had an updated circuit board, but I have no idea if this is the case as they all look the same to me! The pistol has had little use from new and still feels very "tight" and should give good service for many years to come. This is an excellent example of a very popular match pistol and at £1250 it offers a real saving on the new price (if you can find one). Please contact me by PM or email if you would like to ask anything about this excellent match pistol or to have some pictures taken and sent to you by email. This pistol is just about perfect and "as new" and I would welcome any inspection and can offer any potential buyer the chance to shoot it at 10 metres at the Rossendale Club on a Tuesday or Thursday evening before parting with any cash. Payment can be made by bank transfer, or if you would like to collect the pistol then good old fashioned cash would be preferred! PayPal can also be accepted as long as any charges are covered or the payment is sent without charges being deducted.
  11. Hi Perron, (Pez). Thanks for your message requesting some pictures of my RINK Large r/h grip to fit Feinwerkbau P44. Please let me have your email address and I will take some pictures of the grip for you tomorrow and send them to you. Thanks for your interest. Bob. Pictures sent to you this morning. 20/10/2018. SOLD Thanks for your payment - I will try to get the grip posted to you on Monday.
  12. Thanks Ross, Please let me have your email address and I will take some pictures of the RINK grips to fit Morini 162ie tomorrow and send them to you. Thanks for your interest, Bob. Pictures of the nicest figured large right hand walnut RINK grip sent to you this morning 20/10/2018. Pictures show the circuit board still fitted - this will be removed and is not included in the sale. Pictures of the large r/h RINK grip (with extra palm swell) have been sent this afternoon. The grip is shown fitted to my late model (mk2) Morini 162ie as it is by far the most comfortable grip I haver ever had and I will continue to use it until it is sold - then I will sell the pistol with a standard large r/h grip.
  13. I have acquired a good selection of pistol grips and will now sell some of them as I have stopped "testing" and "trying" almost every type of popular PCP match pistol and so no longer need this large collection of grips.Most of these grips are "as new" and every one of them is in either superb condition or perfect condition. Some have only been fitted to test the pistol and have never had any real use from new.If you are interested in any one of them please contact me by PM or email and I will take some good quality pictures of it and send them to you by email.With RINK grips typically costing over £200 to have them made and delivered to the UK and with a (typical) 4 week wait, these grips are a good buy and can save you the wait.Some factory grips can cost even more and suffer even longer delivery times (unless you are lucky to find the size you want in UK sock) so these factory grips also give good savings both in terms of cash and waiting times!RINK to fit Morini 162ie (to fit the most recent Morini circuit boards that take the two AAA cells) Walnut. Large right hand. Nice distinctive wood grain. £110 including UK delivery.RINK to fit Morini 162ie.(to fit the most recent Morini circuit boards that take the two AAA cells) Walnut. Large right hand made with extra palm swell (no filler - solid walnut) . £100 including UK delivery.Note:- The above two grips will NOT fit the older type Morini 162ie that take the button type battery, and they will not fit ANY type of the short Morini 162ie pistols as they use a different shape of grip.SOLD RINK to fit FWB P44. Walnut. Large right hand. £100 including UK delivery. SOLD to Pez.RINK to fit FWB P44. Laminated. Medium right hand. £110 including UK delivery. The is a beautiful grip - I really like the laminated colours, but I have noticed that the medium RINK grips for the P44 are a little smaller that the factory grips of the same size so this grip may be adjusted down to be a "small" medium sized grip!Feinwerkbau factory grip to fit P44. (later type grip made by Minelli). Medium right hand grip. £100 including UK delivery.Walther factory grip to fit LP300. Blue/white laminated. Large right hand grip. Never been fitted to a pistol. I am told these will also fit the Hammerli P40 (please check before buying). £90 including UK delivery.RINK to fit Pardini K12. Walnut. Large right hand grip. £110 including UK delivery. This is a superbly fitting and comfortable grip.Steyr factory grip to fit Evo 10. Walnut XL right hand grip. £100 including UK delivery. Looks like new - not sure if this one has been used or test fitted only. I am told this will also fit an LP10 or LP2 but may need the length of fixing bolt adjusting?I will try to send any grip bought by "next day" carrier after I have received the payment. Delivery free to mainland UK address only - but I can get a quote for any non-mainland or overseas address by request.Any grip can be seen and inspected if you are able to visit the Rossendale club (in Lancashire) any Tuesday to Thursday evening - but I need to know you are coming and what grip you would like to see as I would need to take it with me for you to see. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal ( with no charges) would be preferred, or cash if collecting from Rossendale (Lancashire).
  14. Thanks for your help with this Ollie, your Carbontec has now been collected (thanks to Mark Lord) and is on its way back to Rossendale where it will be given a good home! It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Best regards and good luck with your new venture in Target Sprint! Bob.
  15. Hi Ollie, I am interested in buying your Carbontec. Please contact me by email. Thanks, Bob.
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