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  1. Varga Pistol Shooting Frames in v good condition. 37 mm lens holder, case. £67.00 inc P&P
  2. Replacement arm for Olympic Shooting Glasses RH wanted. or are they called legs ? Or does anyone know of a source ?
  3. Hi My Evo 10 is in the sales section, but posting to the Orkneys would be a problem.
  4. Steyr Evo, black, with pristine large right hand grip,mechanical trigger. Date on cylinders 07/2016. Official Steyr UK import. All tools, manual and adaptor as supplied when new. Selling as I have switched to the compact version. £1125 f2f preferred. Can be delivered to Aldersley on 20th January (GP memorial shoot).
  5. I have a Morini electronic trigger, short version, R hand large grip, 2 cylinders. I live not far from you if you want to view it. £750.
  6. LP10 LH Large grip wanted. for mechanical version.
  7. Now SOLD For sale my Steyr LP2 with little used large right hand grip (unaltered). Less than 1 year old (cylinder date 06/2015) complete with tools,manual,filling adaptor as supplied when new. img file too large to upload, please message me for pics. £850 f2f preferred.(Can deliver to the Blackburn comp 23/24 April) £810. without grip. Rink grip for Steyr LP2/10 Large, Right ,Thick,Convex, 0 Deg £85 incl post. SOLD
  8. 2 Silver Cylinders (Short version) date 11/2011 One has some scratches from a Scatt attachment £55 inc P&P The second one £65 inc P&P They both hold air as new. jpg too big to upload can send via email. One sold , one left at £55 inc P&P.
  9. Would like to swap my Steyr LP10 short cylinder for a standard length Date on cylinder : 11/2011 Colour : Silver Cash adjustment either way depending on age/condition etc. Cylinders now being sold.
  10. Tec-Hro Soft Touch Version Little used £34 inc del. Please email for photo. NOW SOLD
  11. Morini 162 Short replacement barrel. Bought new in 2015, very little use, (perhaps 1000 pellets through it) £90.00 inc del. (To be clear this is the barrel only)
  12. Correx Gauge Not guaranteed 100 % accurate No case £19.00 inc P & P NOW SOLD
  13. Morini trigger shoe now sold. Steyr adaptor still available.
  14. Morini 162 trigger shoe for long finger - £33 inc P&P Steyr LP 10/2/50 cylinder fill adaptor, used once, as new £24 inc P&P
  15. Pistol now sold. Blow out compensator now sold
  16. Morini 162 EI near mint condition. Purchased new April 2014, date on cylinders 2013 with new Large,right hand grip, all tools, instructions with test shots card etc. £1095 inc delivery Also blow out compensator available £36
  17. Little used Corami Pistol Shooting Shoes S 43 With unused sole inserts. £69.00 incl. P & P
  18. Hi Mark 2 and 3 mm (unused) Cheers Dave
  19. As above, little used,very good condition. Meets ISSF regulations. 75.00 incl pp attachment=2613:PICT0085.JPG]
  20. Bob Clevely may be able to help: http://www.checkmateguns.co.uk/
  21. Hello, looking for a large or X large R H, I have a small to swap.
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