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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay i have been on nights! if i can dig my way into the garage over the weekend, i will set up a couple of them, take a couple of pics and post on here!
  2. The following items are being sold by my Rifle Club located in the East Midlands 2 x MegaLink 4K187 Electronic Scoring Targets (EST) We have them set up at 10m in our Air Range but they can also be used for 50m Prone Rifle. They are set up in standalone PC configuration, operate independently of each other and are complete with all cabling, USB connector, ML Shoot software and are registered with the NSRA. We used 10mm MDF covers to protect the metalwork so they are in as new condition with no pellet strikes, dings or scratches on the surface. We also have a pellet catcher and stand (both MegaLink supplied) for each target It is anticipated that these will be available to collect around late Spring 2018 and we regret we are unable to let them go prior to this time as they are in regular use. £1500.00 to £1700.00 each dependant upon whether the target stand and pellet catcher(s) is/are required
  3. The following is being offered by my club located in the East Midlands . . . 4 x “G Jones ‘DICAL-10’” 10m Target Changers All four sets are complete with the ‘Control Box’/motor, Target backplate c/w pellet catch, target carrier, cord and rubber ‘stops’. I think/hope most people (who may be interested in them) have used these before so there isn’t a great deal more to say about them! £120.00 each (if bought singly) or £400.00 for all 4 - All now sold. Thanks for looking
  4. The following is being offered by my club located in the East Midlands . . . HÄRING PA10 – Turning target unit The unit stands on a table-top or a shelf with 5 target holders that all work ‘in sync’ – ie, 1 turns, they all turn! The control unit has a selector dial with which you select your course of fire, hit start and the changer does the rest. 4sec, 6sec, 8 sec, 10 sec, 20 sec & 30sec are all selectable. There is also a corded remote control which has a simple ‘face’ and ‘edge’ facility outside of the pre-configured timings. Now that “self-indexing” 5 shot air pistols are in the game again, you can practise Rapid Fire pistol without the need of armed guards at every entrance! https://youtu.be/F7U1SfcDaPI or https://youtu.be/o5OSVHQfrVU to see it in action Guide price: £420.00 to £450.00
  5. 9 x Gehmann Style (Fanfold Target) Changers These are portable (in that I can get 6 or 7 of them in my estate car) and comprise a base, the upright body, the fanfold holder, a rain/debris guard for the shot targets – 60 (ish) mtrs of wire, a battery pack/switch and a transformer to run off mains/recharge battery. The rechargeable batteries in each of the switches are long past their useful life and no longer charge up, however the systems will happily run through the transformer off of mains. They will also run off of a car battery and a pair that I loaned out were powered via a solar panel charging set-up. Target transport is via a gravity fed friction roller that ‘pulls’ the target down from the upper carrier. I now need to free up a corner of my garage, so these babies just have to go. I also have a considerable amount of fanfold targets. At least 1 unopened pack of 250 (continuous set) a number of prepared sets* (1 lead/3 sighter/12 match) some still unused and some patched with adhesive centres. In excess of 1250 targets New GENUINE Gehmann boxes are around £1000.00 each …. In order to quickly free up the space I need, these can go for £100.00 each or £750.00 for the lot. I will include 2 sets* of targets per changer as a matter of course – the remainder are negotiable
  6. Walther LP400 - Carbon, Air Pistol Right Hand - LARGE Grip Complete with Manual, Barrel Weights, Cleaning Kit, Universal tool & Air Cylinder exchange voucher (replacement cylinder at 10 yrs) Less than 1 tin of pellets used. Acquired March 2017 & only used between Apr & Aug 2017 'Arthritic' shoulder is dictating sale £1200.00 ono
  7. psm17h

    Chicago Screws

    Just bought a pack of 5 (longer than you need) to bind a book/manual for a couple of quid from 'fleabay' - you won't need a giant bag!
  8. Hopefully i am not too late but just be aware that if you intend shooting competitions to ISSF Rules, your air cylinder will need to be "in date". By that the manufacturers give them a life span of 10 years - if its over you MAY be excluded, not permitted to start or disqualified. A new cylinder CAN cost as much as £60 to £100
  9. Consider the MEC glasses set sold. Will email you!
  10. psm17h

    Ladies Jacket

    Try Stelljes (Germany) they are selling Gehmann jackets at 85.00EUR http://www.schuetzenwelt.de/Schiessbekleidung/Schiessjacken/Gehmann-Schiessjacke-Point-Damen-rechts.html Carriage is 25.00 EUR making a NEW jacket 110.00 EUR With the current favourable exchange rate a new jacket will be in the region of £80 to £85 - probably close to a second hand price!
  11. Anyone got a RH Grip L size to fit the CM84e please? Would be interested in any make .... Morini/Rink etc etc Thanks .....
  12. Is this still available? I may be in a position to free up some funds for it & I already have the 'slot' on my FAC Thanks, Phil
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