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  1. F-Class stuff sold to Northener Was I being a little enthusiastic with the price on the rifle? Open to guidance, if I've got it wrong...
  2. Hi David, No problem, I'll take it to PMs and we can go from there Nick.
  3. Afternoon! Yes, they're all part of the same bundle. Seemed easier to try and sell them all together With the scope, yes it's fully working with no faults (I only took it off the rifle at the weekend for taking the photos). I've just checked and even the battery for the illuminated reticle is still working. The only thing that I can see that's not in good condition is the small split that's starting on the rubber skirt of the rear eyepiece cover.
  4. Very much like the one on page 25 of the Calameo catalogue! Bleiker 300m Standard Rifle, chambered in Norma 6mmBR with the 8-round magazine. Blue wooden stock, standard 1500g trigger, Bleiker standard buttplate. Factory Lilja (?) barrel, I think it's 3 flute 1-in-9" twist (will verify), 1800 round count all molly or HBN coated. Centra bipod. HPS Aktiv handstop with small bobbin (currently on my 7.62, hence different photo below!). Bleiker supplied Centra foresight tunnel/foresight base with 3.4-5.7mm iris, mirage band, cocking tool, allen key. No rearsight, has been used f
  5. Michael, Whilst people not editing the subject of the original post to reflect availability is a particular peeve of mine (across many forums!), I believe that the post immediately above yours from the 27th of September answers that question. Nick.
  6. Hi Peter, Peli case collected successfully - many thanks! And apologies for the late reply here, I ended up being busy over the weekend and completely forgot about it
  7. Hi Peter, I'm interested in the Peli case - I'll send you an email so we can sort out the details Nick.
  8. Lol - which just goes to show that you can patent any old tosh these days. Straight away I notice: Filing date, 1 Jan 2007. Pretty sure I bought mine long before that... so "prior art"? "Modifications and variations such as would be apparent to a skilled addressee are deemed within the scope of the present invention." - i.e. "anything that you can think of that improves our design is also part of our design"... err, no.
  9. Bump to the top, as this is still a bargain and I can't understand why someone hasn't bitten his arm off? Anyway, Here's a close up of my scope rail. As you can imagine, it would have been... 'interesting' trying to position the mounts to get that eye relief with the Bleiker rail
  10. Nope, I was wrong again - they both have magazines. https://www.bleiker.ch/?lid=1#!42 CISM, 10 shot magazine https://www.bleiker.ch/?lid=1#!43 CISM Prone, 8 shot magazine. (and yes, the Bleiker website is terrible...)
  11. Err, mine has a magazine? That's why the stock is so deep just in front of the trigger guard... Edit while typing: you're thinking of the CISM *PRONE* stock - https://bleiker.ch/?lid=1#!56 ... have a close look at the angle of the stock in front of the trigger guard, and compare it to the plain CISM model - https://bleiker.ch/?lid=1#!55 You're not forced to use the magazine though, it's just a loading platform when I shoot!
  12. Jo, I have one of these rifles, which I use to shoot F-Class at 200 and 500 yards, and if I lived 200 miles closer to Bisley, I'd probably use for 300m as well... Pro: That's a very good price for the rifle if it includes the sights as per the picture! As the rifle is designed for 300m shooting you shouldn't have any problems using it for that, and the 6BR round is pretty accurate out to that distance. 350 is a decent round count, the usual estimates for a 6BR are 5-6000 rounds out of a barrel. Cons (all minor, really): It'll do you fine for short range F-Class, *
  13. Selling this on behalf of Roy at the club (posts on here as roythefish), to make use of my *ahem* higher profile in shooting along with my ability to get pictures onto the PC and "sort it out" For sale - "A N Other" aluminium buttplate assembly, pictures here. Possibly made by Barry Nesom. Has all the basic range of adjustments, but it's no Aktiv and the curve shape is fixed 12mm rods - was used on a Walther KK2/300 aluminium stock but might be adjustable to fit the Anschutz 2213, as there appears to be the option to increase the rod separation to ~60mm? 5 removable weights on the ho
  14. Fitting sights - you're doing it wrong.
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