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  1. I have a foresight for an Anschutz 1813 if you are still interested
  2. Hi, can these triggers be set to become a two stage trigger??
  3. hi are you still wanting an 1813 fore sight, if so I have one I do not use anymore.
  4. Hi, I have an Anschutz rear sight off of my 1813 if you are still interested
  5. Hi, I have a buttplate made by Barry Nesom. It is adjustable but quite basic. I don't need it anymore as I have upgraded it.
  6. As you can tell I am new to forums, I forgot to mention that I have a carrier with rods from an Anschutz 4765 / 2213 buttplate. Roythefish
  7. Did you manage to get the carrier plate for your buttplate?? Roythefish
  8. Have u still got the rear sight 7002
  9. How much do u want for the rear sight?
  10. roythefish

    Rear Sighs

    Hi, thanks for the advise, but it is a right handed one I am looking for.
  11. roythefish

    Rear Sighs

    . Don't waste my time. A/H
  12. roythefish

    Rear Sighs

    Hi, I am wanting an Anschutz 7002 rear sight in good condition
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