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  1. markwarren

    Opticron Spotting Scope For Sale

    Hi Bob, Scope arrived safe and sound this morning thank you. Thank you for a very pleasurable straightforward purchase. Best wishes Mark
  2. markwarren

    Opticron Spotting Scope For Sale

    Yes please Bob. Could you let me know the postage costs? Many thanks Mark
  3. markwarren

    Mec Air Rifle Book- Latest Edition

    Could I get one of these please? How do you want paying? Cheers Mark
  4. markwarren

    Gemini Buttplate

    I am after a Gemini butt plate if anyone is selling one. Thanks Mark
  5. markwarren

    Olympic Type Shooting Glasses Wanted

    Are you after pistol or rifle version?
  6. markwarren

    Centra Mirror

    Hi Aaron, The mirror arrived safe and sound yesterday thank you.
  7. markwarren

    Centra Mirror

    I'll take this please. Can you PM me payment details. Cheers Mark
  8. Hi, Pretty much as the subject says I am looking for a 5mm foresight and 8-hole compensator for a Steyr LP10. Thanks Mark
  9. markwarren

    Champion Super Olympic Glasses

    Flamin heck Phil, I didn't pay that much for them Hope you had a nice time.
  10. markwarren

    Champion Super Olympic Glasses

    Just an update chaps - I can confirm these have been sold to me as per PhilW's message of the 22nd July
  11. markwarren

    Champion Super Olympic Glasses

    more than one PM then
  12. markwarren

    Gemini Butt Plate

    Hi Chunter177, No problem with the question. I am a pistol shooter myself but have two kids who shoot on the GB Junior Rifle Squad. My daughter's main discipline is Sporter Air Rifle - in fact she's the British Champion (proud Dad moment - sorry). She recently shot in Oldenburg, Germany as part of the GB Juniors and scored a very respectable 599.8 prone with a rifle she had only picked up twice. So I asked her the question '"Should I be looking at for a .22 rifle for her?" - hindsight is a wonderful thing that I should use more !! Anyway, we have now found her a rifle which we are picking up on Saturday if everything goes to plan and it comes with 2 Gemini Butt plates. She won't be shooting 3P just yet as she's only 12 and it's a bit too much for her. So both Abby and her brother are competing in the 51m Champs in June so we will be down there for the weekend. No problem if you want to try the butt plate - just let me know. All the best Mark
  13. markwarren

    Gemini Butt Plate

    Are you going to the 50m Champs in June? If so I may have one that you can try. I say 'may' - I am picking up a rifle for my daughter this weekend which has 2 Gemini Butt plates with it. I will take a pic of the butt plate and if it is what you are looking for you are welcome to try it out. I won't be selling it but at least you'll know if it suits you. Cheers Mark
  14. That was close - mine is 022057 !!
  15. markwarren

    Steyr Lp10 Grip

    *** SOLD SOLD SOLD *** I bought this second hand a while back as my lad wanted to have a dabble with my pistol - lasted about a week and went back to his rifle !! It is a Small, Right handed grip. I have not done any work on it but I would say it has had some sort of putty on it in the past looking at the small white dots left in some of the dimples. I can not see any evidence of wood having been removed so I would say it is as original. *** It does not come with the bolt or spacer - it is the actual grip only *** I am looking for ** SOLD *** inc postage. Bank Transfer preferred. PayPal is accepted but please add £5.00 Thanks for looking Mark