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  1. It might be that you weren't signed in at the time. I wasn't signed in just now and it was at the top for me, too. Why there's a distinction made between for sale posts visible to the world and visible only to members is for Neil to muse upon...
  2. Huey

    Anschutz 2007 In Precise 2018 Stock

    Richard, PM sent. Let me know if you haven't got it
  3. Huey

    For Sale - Steyr Lp5 With New Grip

    Indicates SOLD on Gunstar...?
  4. Huey

    Anschutz Torque Wrench

    Hi Kevin On other forums I use, the method I employed has also worked perfectly well, possibly because after posting up an item for sale, the seller is looking for replies in any form in the immediate timeframe. Notwithstanding your advice, I note you didn't acknowledge Jeremy's rather more public bid for another 6 days... Now we've exchanged sucked eggs, then yes, should the deal fall through I would be interested at my previuos offer (or from anyone else with an Annie wrench in that condition). Regards Huey.
  5. Huey

    Anschutz Torque Wrench

    You must have missed my PM on 11th October offering £45 free postage then...
  6. I have a spare butt plate in order to play the "lets change position" game but the carrier is from my old cast stock, need one that fits a Precise (fatter rods), so if anyone has one going spare and cheaper that the usual suspects... Thanks, H.
  7. Huey

    Anschutz Butt Plates

    And the other trouble is it's another ton for the 'proper' butt plate carrier
  8. Huey

    Scoring Gauge

    Right you are. Not *that* familiar with the rulebook to make the distinction required
  9. Please ping me if any more of these turn up in cobwebby corners!
  10. Huey

    Scoring Gauge

    I have an "Eagle Eye Non-plugging Scoring Gauge" (tube style, with magnifier), does .22 (double ring) and .177 (single ring) if that's the sort of thing you're after. ISSF-compliant, apparently.
  11. Huey

    Source Of Anschutz Extractor Claw?

    Thanks. No, not yet. It's the sort of thing folk might have squirreled away, maybe someone broke a gun down before desruction, that kind'a thing. Will try FD too.
  12. Hi Wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of hens teeth and replacement Annie Match 54 extractor claws? This is a single claw for a club gun (or two) which otherwise are very serviceable, but the claw(s) are worn to the point of being ineffective. Likely cost would be useful too. Many thanks, H.
  13. Huey

    Wanted S/h Scatt Or Rika

    David's Scatt is now sold
  14. Huey

    **for Sale**

    Now sold
  15. Hi

    I'm interested in your Walther LG30 :o) and I'm only in Epsom :o))

    It looks from the photos to be in good nick. What's the reason for sale - have you upgraded? Not having used compressed air before, assume I'd have to get myself a 'master' cylinder to fill from? Be interested in a viewing - I'm free Fri/Sat this weekend if you want to sort...