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  1. Huey

    Champion Super Olympic Glasses

    If not, there's a queue
  2. Huey

    Champion Super Olympic Glasses

    Phil does have a PM waiting...
  3. Huey

    Bleeker Wooden Stock

  4. Huey

    Bleeker Wooden Stock

    This thread is getting bleaker And posting photos is not too tricky.
  5. Huey

    Anschutz Precise Stock For Sale

    What's your new stock, Christopher?
  6. Huey

    Anschutz 8002 S2 Alu Air Rifle

    You inbox is full...?
  7. Huey

    Anschutz 1913

    Did it have a price tag?
  8. SOLD!! Thanks Dave, nice meeting you
  9. Thank you to those who have PM'd their sage advice thus far.
  10. Walther KK300 bolt action rifle serial #022056. If you recognise the rifle you'll know why. All information gratefully received (please PM). This post is made on behalf of a 3rd party.
  11. I'm pleased you're pleased Jonty Like I said, I am asking on behalf of a 3rd party, partly because my honesty, sincerity and integrity (if you'll pardon me mentioning them) have a little history on here versus a 3rd party who when making such a request would raise obvious questions in regard to the aspects you have mentioned above. I had hoped that could all be avoided by me posting rather than them. It seems not. If you recognise the rifle you'll know why. I'm not sure it's anything the wider community would benefit from knowing, save to satisfy their curiosity. The rifle has been legally held at all times AFAIAA.
  12. Well who was in front of you in the queue?!
  13. Huey

    Ladies Jacket

    Not sure what the deal here is around advertising, but one of our probationers has hooked up with Peritum Shooting Services' jacket rental scheme which seems to be working well.
  14. Huey

    Bore Guide / Cleaning Rod Guide

    I have to say after using both I'd go for a plastic one. Too much metal keeps coming off the alu one to determine if it's the rod guide or the barrel that's dirty!
  15. Huey

    [Change Of Plan]Handstops

    Annie 4752 all the way, excellent & affordable bit of kit with more adjustments.
  16. Huey

    Wanted .22Lr Left Handed Target Rifle

    The precise stock is a suitable fix to the issues listed. The cast stock does need careful handling though, it's true :/
  17. Yes please if it hasn't had a rough life. At Bisley in early May or could nip up before as I'm not too far.
  18. Huey

    Scatt Usb For Sale

    *cough* RJ11 *cough* New connectors can be easily fitted with a crimp tool.
  19. Huey


    Indeed, rare that a 'starter' will have £3.5k to pop in one go. Or need two jackets ;o) Gonna need some size information on that clothing too whether you split or not. If you do split, we have some beginners looking for jackets 'n' that at my club.
  20. Huey

    2018 Precise Parts

    Yes, I have a buttplate carrier for the precise available. Will post a piccy up later after I get home. Rods are new, plate has been mildly used, you wouldn't tell without a close goggle TBH. Looking for £85. £104 new BACS accepted (or cash if you're going to the SCSBRA Gala dinner), PM me! H.
  21. I agree with Tim, in that the OP has been pretty open, so aside from an anecdotal misquote, I do not see any deception here. The asking price has also dropped over the course of the thread and in any case has always been subject to offer. Perhaps there is other politics at play of which the majority are not aware. I think clarification of the bolt type is still outstanding though?
  22. Huey

    Anschutz 1813L Barrel & Action With Tube

    A reasonable point though, Chris. When items are sold, the OPs (or purchasers) ought to be posting up to say so.