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  1. Huey

    Match 64 Stock.

    Thanks Alan. Waiting in the wings H.
  2. Huey

    Match 64 Stock.

    If this woud fit a Match '64 b/a... (60's-80's vintage) ...then my club would likely welcome it. We have a LH '64 (RH b/a in LH stock) which doens't get much use so having a stock to improve its circulation would be useful (AKA a better stock in general). Would it?
  3. Huey

    Rifle Valuation

    Doesn't matter, there was a question of age, not shoe size: Besides Tim already covering what you just said, it's up to the current owner to prove it's accurate; the barrel stamp will give its age. I was not inferring one would give the other.
  4. Huey

    Rifle Valuation

    Date stamp on the barrel folks...
  5. Huey

    Can Anyone Identify This Handstop?

    How different is the face profile from the Anschutz 4752 as this has pretty much all those features Peter and is readily available. Could be milled if the Jensen really is very narrow?
  6. Huey

    Screw For Anschutz Cantable Rear Sight 7002

    Oooh - is the Anschutz 7003 out? Odd choice not to support a current product.
  7. Huey

    Scope Stand

    It's a Rhino. Very similar but not as well finished (or in black), I have one. Takes a bit of fettling to get the legs and stem operating smoothly but not loosely. Yours appears to be missing the small (and weak) ball head with thumb turn clamp (fits in the hole at the top). I have augmented mine with a Manfrotto QR monopod head, far less faff than screwing on a scope each time. HTH!!
  8. Huey

    Sling Attachments And Handstops

    The "button push" and "ball-end" and "universal clip" sling swivels would be useful to our club if you would separate. We have plenty of the others ourselves
  9. Huey

    Simmons 24X Riflescope

    See my post here for how to easily do that. H.
  10. Huey

    Secondhand Shooting Equipment

  11. Huey

    Jacket And Mat For Sale.

    Oh for a comma
  12. Huey

    Jacket And Mat For Sale.

    Calm down please gentlemen, unless it's the prospect of owning a red ESE mat excites you. I have to say I have the red myself and find it's so much more exciting than the green. H.
  13. Huey

    Jacket And Mat For Sale.

    Doesn't necessarily sound like a positive.
  14. Huey

    Secondhand Shooting Equipment

    Jamie, you're messages are full again. Probably why you aren't successful selling stuff on here! PM me when you've done some housekeeping and I'll make you an offer. H.
  15. Quick straw poll folks, we have a committee meeting on Friday to discuss the way forward. I am obliged to look a (not entirely free) gift horse in the mouth as the club has been offered a Supermatch stock, but it appears the bedding bolts do not come with it (or cannot now be found...). There was some very good information in this previous thread, but it may now be somewhat dated (and no price from Mister Neesom was given, that being seemingly the easiest route). I think these bolts should also have the Belleville washer stack? I would prefer Allen head, but obviously I will take slotted if that is what's on offer. Anyone got any lying around (particularly on an it-fits-or-return basis ) or know of any outlets carrying stock? No rush on getting them, just need to know that we can and how much the club's outlay may be. Many thanks, H. Edit: I should add this is to swap out a standard stock for the better SM - for which I believe the bolts are different - and then we can pass on the old stock (with bolts!) to someone else.
  16. Tim, you are a prince amongst men. All safely received today, many thanks. Should indeed be able to work a fix with those. H.
  17. Huey

    Anschutz Precise Trigger Guard

    I don't think it will be available separately. It's listed together with the grip as part # 011035 on the diagram "2018 - Precise Aluminum stock for small bore target rifles, right hand version" available on the Anschutz support documents page. H.
  18. Huey

    Webley Osprey

    You need to resize your photos to something like 800x600 or 1280x1024 pixels using a tool such as the free graphics tool IrfanView (on a PC as a Windows example). Adding them, you need to upload them into your forum post (easiest from a desktop computer) via the Attach Files button - you can add a number this way, then once uploaded, place the cursor somewhere in your edit, and press the Attach File button and it will add a link into your post to the uploaded photo at the cursor position. HTH - the resizing is the important bit. H.
  19. Good spot, still £6.50 delivery though
  20. Ok, thanks for all the replies and suggestions so far A quick update. I have compared the original bedding bolts for the stock with the new stock. They are looking like about 5mm too short. The rear bolt (trigger guard) is 37mm long (from the underside of the head) with 10mm of thread. The front one (recessed) is 26mm long with 8.5mm of thread. The slots on these bolts are in really good condition (typical!). Apologies for confusing folk by me mentioning Belleville washers and thanks to hps for the mental trigger . This stock is of course (!) too early for the allen headed bolts, and would have had (does have!) slotted heads - I just thought allen heads would be a choice upgrade that could be made seeing as we need new bolts. I was then sidetracked as I recall another stock we swapped out in the same way having the Belleville washers, but as hps states, this particular stock was from an 1813 rifle. N.B. the washer stack is held captive by pinch marks made on the shank of the bolt itself. So, I reckon I need bolts measuring 42mm and 31mm. Phil, if you're offering, make them slightly longer and I'll take them down as required and can you make the longer one countersunk so it looks better on the trigger guard. Pocket money waiting Nick, cheers for broadening the knowledge base, good Q. My understanding has always been along the lines Tim stated. As the wooden stock swells and shrinks with moisture, the Belleville washer stack maintains the correct bedding torque throughout. The washers are angled (directional) and the stack is a combination of washers facing either direction. H.
  21. Thanks Tim, that's good to know. The slots could always be widened and deepened I'm sure. The original stock is (we believe) original with the model 1411 Match 54 (mfcr 1965) action and is a plain prone stock. Ok, any other tidbits folks? H.
  22. Huey

    Shooting Books Sold

    No fees for PayPal "Friends & Family"
  23. Huey

    Anschutz Butt Hook Part

    Indeed, I bought some Gemini buttplate links from him the other week Shame he'd run out of bipods though, I'm looking for another Gemini (as much as his version very close) with the long legs.