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  1. Adiepie

    Steyr Lp2 Full Size

    Now sold.
  2. Adiepie

    Steyr Lp2 Full Size

    NEW PRICE ! Steyr LP2 full size Comes with Medium RH or XS RH grip - buyer to choose 2007 on cylinder, full toolkit as expected plus manual and original test card Now been replaced by an LP10 £595 face to face in the Yorkshire area please Can email photos on request Thanks Adrian
  3. Adiepie

    Misc Rifle Bits From My Anschutz

    Thanks James, picked this up yesterday (at least I assume it was from you...?) Adrian
  4. Adiepie

    Misc Rifle Bits From My Anschutz

    Hi James Can you drop the bipod off at the club please? ...and haven't you finished your PhD?? Adrian
  5. Adiepie

    Tucker Rear And Fore Sights

    Do you have any piccies and why you selling it? Has it been dropped? Hi Nell Will arrange piccies shortly, no, to my knowledge they have never been dropped, they work flawlessly, but I have reverted to the standard Walther sights - they are far better than I am likely to need, and I could do with the money to buy an additional hunting rifle. Adrian
  6. Adiepie

    Tucker Rear And Fore Sights

    For sale, AT Ltd (Tucker) matched rear and fore sights. This is a LEFT hand Tucker rear sight (like hens teeth, but rarer!) Perfectly usable for a right hander though. Taken off a Walther KK300, but I assume will fit any compatable rail. Price negotiable, so please haggle. Happy to accept PayPal, but would prefer folding money.... Adrian
  7. Adiepie

    Left Handed Rearsight

    Hi I have a matched set of AT Ltd rear and front sights. Fairly old, but very accurate. Don't know price, but prepared to haggle! Adrian
  8. Adiepie

    Sights For Lefty

    I have an AT Ltd (Tucker?)left handed rear sight, plus matching front sight. I am not sure of the pric, but we could start to haggle. The sight has been used, but the person who's rifle it came off is an ex commomwealth shooter, so the quality is there Adrian