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  1. Broadsword

    Lightweight Bsa Martini

    Try speaking to David Erskine (he's on here I think) from the Cumberland News Rifle Club at Carlisle. I got a junior LH Mk 3 BSA Martini from him a while back that he was selling on behalf of a local Army cadet Force Unit. I think he may have also had RH rifles too.
  2. Wanted please: An 'in date' air cylinder for daughter's FWB 700 target rifle. Old cylinder seems to have 'run the threads'. If anyone has a fix for this, suggestions gratefully received. Following a cylinder swap round at a competition ,reliably advised that the threads on the rifle side are fine. Best contact for any for sale cylinders is 07749295068. Thanks.
  3. Broadsword

    Olympic Tickets

    Tickets posted off 1st class on Monday 9.7 so should be live in the system any time now.
  4. Broadsword

    Olympic Tickets

    PM sent re above. Unfortunately the tickets are 'in the system' now and will need to be purchased through the Olympic ticketing website when they become available once they receive the cancelled tickets from me.
  5. Broadsword

    Olympic Tickets

    Hi all, not sure if this is the correct place in The Forum to list this, but I'm sure our efficient Moderators'll keep the job right. (please!) I've offered the following 4 shooting tickets back into the Olympic Games website ticketing system today, and they'll become available next week once I return the tickets and associated travel tickets to them:- Sport: Shooting. ladies 10M air. Venue: The Royal Artillary Barracks - Finals Hall and Ground Pass. Date/Time: Saturday 28 July 2012, 0815 - 1605. Full day. Price Category: A, £40 each. Seats: GA0235 to 0238 Session Code: SH001 Thanks.
  6. Broadsword

    Full Kit For Sale

    Could I have a list too please?
  7. Broadsword

    Feinwerkbau P700 Alu For Sale

    PM sent just now.
  8. Broadsword

    Wanted - Police Approved Rifle Cabinet.

    One last bump.....
  9. Broadsword

    Wanted - Police Approved Rifle Cabinet.

    Still looking for a cabinet.
  10. Broadsword

    Wanted - Police Approved Rifle Cabinet.

    Nae luck so far..
  11. Broadsword

    Wanted - Police Approved Rifle Cabinet.

    Still looking...
  12. Broadsword

    Wanted - Police Approved Rifle Cabinet.

    Hi everyone. Looking for a used police approved rifle cabinet, to hold a minimum if 5 rifles. Must have inbuilt lockable ammunition section. Scotland/Northern England preferable, due to logistics. Thanks. John 07749295068.
  13. Broadsword

    Steyr Lp 50 Pistol Single Shot Magazine

    Hi. Looking to source a Steyr LP50 single shot magazine rail please. If you happen to have a spare one you're thinking of selling, please contact me on 07749295068. Thanks. John.
  14. Broadsword

    Styer Lp50E

    Hi, interested in the pistol if its still available. I can best be contacted at 07749295068 if it is. Regards. John.
  15. Broadsword

    Mec 3 Buttplate Wanted.

    Looking for a Mec 3 buttplate to fit onto a FWB 700. Thanks. Can be contacted on 07749295068. John. 16.5.11. Still looking for the above.