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  1. spacecadet73

    Anschutz Stock Butt Hook Carrier

    Many Thanks!! P.M sent Craig R. Are you still looking for this part? I think I have the thing about somewhere, if you are still looking for this I will have a dig through the bags and boxes. If you have the part I won't go near the cupboard!!! Bing!
  2. spacecadet73

    Anschutz Stock Butt Hook Carrier

    Hi, Still trying to piece together a competitive rifle on a meagre budget and just about there!!....apart from one last piece of the jigsaw!! A Butt Hook Carrier for my Anschutz stock! I have the hook and a new stock, but the stock I have on loan is fitted with the carrier, the part that fits onto the actual wood (with the knurled wheel that adjusts the length in and out). In the pictures you can see the stock and part I am borrowing(the carrier), my stock with the carrier (sadly) missing and my butt hook. Just wondering if anyone could please look around in their spares and see if you have one lying about, surplus to requirements and for sale! If you do it would make my day! Many Thanks for your help, Craig R.
  3. spacecadet73

    Anschutz Wooden Stock Wanted

    RH or LH ? Doh!! A Right Hander, please.
  4. spacecadet73

    Anschutz Wooden Stock Wanted

    Hi All, I am wondering if someone out there could please help out with purchasing a S/H wooden stock to neaten up my old Anschutz Match 54 Target Rifle (Round Action)? Something like a Supermatch Thumbhole would be great but I would consider anything that is a little bit more modern. Many Thanks Craig R.
  5. spacecadet73

    Synthetic Single Point Sling

    Gradually getting back into the sport after a bit of an absence and loving every minute!! Trying very hard to get all my own gear, but on a limited budget. I was wondering if anybody had a Used Synthetic Single Point Sling (In Good Condition) they would consider selling me?? Anything considered!! Many Thanks Craig R.
  6. spacecadet73

    Extra Large Shooting Jacket

    Hi All I'm a new Forum Member and have just returned to .22 Target Shooting with my old club after many years in the Air Cadets. Unfortunatly I am struggling to find a big enough club jacket (46/48" Chest) to get me started and wondered if anyone has one that is too big or your just havin a clear out?? Anything considered!! Many Thanks for your time, Craig R.