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  1. Is the scope and Opticron IS angled scope ?
  2. macdonaldal

    Scatt Usb

    Wanted SCATT USB Alex
  3. macdonaldal

    Gemini Pistol Grip Wanted

    Still looking for a medium grip ?
  4. macdonaldal

    Feinwerkbau P700 Alu For Sale

    Collection only - Where do you live ?
  5. First 100 in air rifle last night :) - now just need to figure out how to get 6 in a row ;)

  6. macdonaldal

    Scatt Target Frame

    Dies anybody have a 25/50yard SCATT Target Frame that they might sell ? Kind Regards Alex
  7. macdonaldal

    Fwb Butt Weights And Spare Air Cylinder

    If you haven't already sold them today - I would be interested - Alex
  8. macdonaldal

    Anschutz 1910 Rifle And Hard Case Package

    Okay - would be interested if tge sale does not go throughout
  9. macdonaldal

    Anschutz 1910 Rifle And Hard Case Package

    Yes interested will call tomorrow
  10. macdonaldal

    Anschutz 6805 Rear Sight

    PM sent
  11. What size are sight blocks ?
  12. macdonaldal

    Wtd: Scatt, Noptel

    USB - 99p :>
  13. macdonaldal

    Wtd: Scatt, Noptel

    I have also been looking for one for several months now. So would like to join the hunt ...... Cheers Alex
  14. macdonaldal

    Second Hand Free Rifle For 3P

    Hi All, I am currently on the lookout for a second hand free rifle so I can start 3P smallbore. I would be very interested in suitable Anschutz, FWB 2700, Walther KK300. Kind Regards Alex
  15. macdonaldal

    Fwb 2700 For Sale

    Can you post some pics - when you say lightwieght - do you mean the fluted barrel ?