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    Rifle And Kit For Sale

    Kurt Thune Model 2 sling. New £46. VGC £30 Now SOLD
  2. tenpointnine

    Rifle And Kit For Sale

    And some more Using a set of Barry Nesom headspace gauges, 0.0415 gauge is a snug fit, using 0.0425 gauge bolt will not close.
  3. tenpointnine

    Rifle And Kit For Sale

    Some Pictures of kit: RIFLE NOW SOLD Buttplate now SOLD
  4. tenpointnine

    Rifle And Kit For Sale

  5. tenpointnine

    Jacket Needed

    What size is that in old money?
  6. tenpointnine

    4765 Butt Plate Complete

    FOR SALE. Anschutz 4765 butt plate and hook, complete with carrier, listed at £294 on a very good site we all know and love. Excellent condition. £160 plus postage Walter
  7. tenpointnine

    Kurt Thune Jacket & Trousers

    I can take the letters off if you really want me to!! Shame I already have a Thune jacket. Walter GRIFFin
  8. tenpointnine

    Logging On Problem

    When logging on to the forum with my laptop, the bar at the bottom of the screen shows the following message: (2 items remaining) Downloading picture https://www.paypal.com/en_us/i/btn/x-click-but21.gif and just stays like that. If I control / alt / delete it shows a Not responding message. On my office pc I get straight on to the forum (thankfully, so I can post this!) Any ideas? Walter
  9. tenpointnine

    Logging On Problem

    Still having same problem. Running Windows XP-PRO and Norton 2008. Apparently I am connected at 100.0 Mbps. Only thing downloaded recently was Audacity software for converting Vinyl to CD. Walter
  10. tenpointnine

    3p Palm Rest

    There is one on ebay at the moment, about £26 + postage. Walter
  11. tenpointnine

    Logging On Problem

    That must be why I can't log in again with my laptop! :angry: Same message in bar at bottom of screen regarding paypal & downloading picture. Control/alt/delete AGAIN! Just don't understand how it worked last night? Glad I can get in on pc. Walter
  12. tenpointnine

    Logging On Problem

    Funny how I logged in ok now that you are back! Walter
  13. tenpointnine

    Logging On Problem

    Same problem again today when trying to log in via laptop. Not responding -control/alt/delete. Surely someone can throw some light on this? Cheers Walter
  14. tenpointnine

    World Champion For Sale!

    Anschutz 1613 for sale. Yes, this is one of the sought-after legendary 'X' barrels, which I used to win the 'C' class aggregate at Bisley in 2000, and then to become UKBR22 World Benchrest Champion in 2004. A similar barreled-action was used by Dave Phelps to win the Roberts, and also I believe by Cliff Ogle, amongst others. A bloop-tube is available, but not the one shown in the photo which I use on my 1607 (another 'X' barrel). Looking to buy new rifle, but the police seem to think 4 is enough for anyone, hence this cherished beauty is for reluctant sale. £375 O.N.O. I will be at Bisley next week, so bring your cheque book(and FAC!)
  15. tenpointnine

    Balance Weights

    Anschutz balance weights, new in box. Bearing in mind that the Centra version is £160, sensible offers please. Walter NOW SOLD, PENDING PAYMENT.
  16. tenpointnine

    Champion Olympic Frames

    Champion Olympic model shooting glasses, with lens holder and side shields. Superb condition. Bargain price £100 plus postage- be quick! Walter
  17. tenpointnine

    Rear Iris/filters/polarisers/dioptre

    For sale on behalf of Bernard Ridley. Excellent condition Centra rear iris, coloured filters, polarisers and magnifying dioptre. Firm price £75, no offers. (This is approximately half price). Plus postage. Phone Bernard on 01904 765161
  18. tenpointnine

    Webley Tempest .22 Air Pistol

    Tel him to try Airgunbbs (forum) http://airgunbbs.com/ They have a for sale section which I used to sell a Webley Tempest for a friend. Walter
  19. tenpointnine

    Anschutz Sight Extension Tube For 1913

    Whilst I can wholeheartedly recommend Barry's tubes, and use one myself, if they will not fit then what about one of John Croydon's? http://www.croytec.co.uk/Croytube.htm Walter
  20. tenpointnine

    Sold-centra 22mm Glass Foresight Iris

    Now sold, many thanks!. Walter
  21. tenpointnine

    Sold-centra 22mm Glass Foresight Iris

    Would anyone like to buy a Centra 22mm glass foresight iris, 2.8-4.8mm, before I put it on ebay? Excellent condition, in original plastic box with spanner. Ideal for anyone changing to a Barry Nesom 22mm rotating foresight! Bargain at £45 Walter 07815 104795
  22. tenpointnine

    Fwb P70 For Sale

    Rifle now sold. Many thanks. Walter
  23. tenpointnine

    Fwb P70 For Sale

    Feinwerkbau P70 for sale. Excellent condition. £600 o.n.o. Walter
  24. tenpointnine

    Price For A P70?

    Anyone know the going rate for a P70, laminated stock, excellent condition? There could be one for sale soon. Walter
  25. tenpointnine

    Gehmann Iris

    Hi Bernard I have a friend who would like this iris. I have sent you pm / email. Walter